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Christ's School, Richmond - any thoughts?

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Cat2405 Thu 26-Aug-10 14:43:18


Was just wondering if there were any parents (prospective, current or former!) who had any opinions of Christ's Comprehensive CofE in Richmond?

All thoughts appreciated! smile

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Sun 29-Aug-10 16:53:16

Lots of friends have children there who seem very happy. You have to live very close to get in tho', or have a supporting letter from a vicar...

IHeartKingThistle Mon 30-Aug-10 21:29:48

I hear it's improved massively over the last few years and is great.

Cat2405 Tue 07-Sep-10 20:43:45

Hi and thanks for your responses MrsGuy and IHeart. Really pleasing to hear that the children seem very happy (that's the most important thing for me in a school!).

I've also heard it's really good too and that the pupils enjoy being at the school. Thankfully, we do live nearby! grin

Just a shame there's no sixth-forms in Richmond... but that could be another thread in it's own right hmm

sheenite Mon 20-Sep-10 15:29:32

Christ is a lovely school, my eldest just left and i've just pulled my youngest out of Grey Court after 2 weeks because we didn't get in on the distance. If you can't get into Christ (you literally have to live on the door step) go for Grey Court. Sadly these are the only 2 decent schools (other than private) that you'll get in our area. Both schools have excellent GCSE pass rates. Christ's for us is better because it's closer and much smaller, but academically i'd say Grey Court is the better of the two.

willow Tue 21-Sep-10 19:04:33

Went to open night yesterday. Seemed a nice enough school. Best moment was during headteacher's speech (just at point where he was saying what a nice, kind, loving place it was) when a shout of "fuck off" came from one of the kids outside, waiting to take us around the place.

Was first secondary state we've seen and seemed alright. However, in comparison to private schools around here, it was another world. At one point I asked librarian where all the books were. She seemed a bit confused and didn't know what to say.

FishEagle Thu 23-Sep-10 22:50:10

We went to the open evening last Monday and counted the headmaster use the term 'Christian values' no less than 18 times in the space of ten minutes. OK, it is a C of E school, but we did wonder if we'd caught a glimpse of single mindedness...

singersgirl Fri 24-Sep-10 11:06:55

If you're not a Christian, the blessing/prayer at the start of the open evening is a bit off putting. We aren't, and live too far away to get a non-faith place.

I know lots of people with children there and they're all pretty happy (both kids and parents), with the odd minor grumble that you'd probably find at any school. There are great music facilities and lots of opportunities for able pupils, too.

sheenite Fri 24-Sep-10 15:39:05

Willow your comments about the child shouting out during the headteachers speech did make me chuckle. Take heart just because Christ's is a faith school doesn't mean they ram it down your throat. Unbeknown to most, the headteacher is actually catholic whilst the school is C of E. I've put my elder son thru Christ and my youngest is now there and I can honestly say neither of them have turned religious. All I can say to any parent is when you go to look at a school make sure you go during school hours and not an open evening where the school effectively puts on a show which is never true to form smile

BayJay Sat 30-Apr-11 18:37:13

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

kerrychiswick Wed 22-Jan-14 17:26:41


My Son has been offered a place at Christ. I visited the open evening and really liked the school. Unfortunately we were put on the waiting list back in September 2013 and my Son has been attending Chiswick school. I was very worried about my Son joining Chiswick but he has settled and is now reluctant to leave to go to Christ. There has been a few minor issues whilst he has been attending Christ and they are now solved. My Son says he is happy but I am still not convinced that Chiswick is where he should stay and lose the opportunity to take up the offer of Christ. I have researched and noticed like most schools Christ has had issues in the past. Please any advice welcome and thanks for reading

bethdevine44 Sat 23-Aug-14 23:48:03

Even though I am told this is a "dead thread" I purposely signed up to this website so I could make my own personal statement towards Christ's School in Richmond. As a former pupil (2007-2012) I have to say that it is an extremely good school ( for a state school) the teachers push you and also praise you when its deserved, which makes a remarkable difference to pupils. I agree that the religious side can get a little tedious, but its nothing like a cult or highly religious, it just tries to incorporate similar teachings from the Bible into the learning environment (such as; treating each other nicely, respecting others etc) I have to say that it is a lovely school, which isn't big in size, which for new year 7's would be a godsend. When thinking back at my time at Christ's (yes obviously they're not ALL good memories - but could any of us say that our school years were faultless?) I remember feeling comfortable in my school and felt assured by my teachers that if I did have queries I was more than welcome to discuss with them. I believe thats its the best state school in the borough.

6thformnext Thu 02-Mar-17 16:06:32

Bumping this thread.

Keen to hear from any current or recent 6th form parents about their experiences. Thanks.

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