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Leighton Park, Reading

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Punkatheart Sun 15-Aug-10 17:20:15

I am just about to accept a place at this Quaker school in Berkshire for my child. I am wobbling a little - changing schools is always a difficult decision. Does anyone have an experience of this school - which does look wonderful with all that space, arty-farty vibe and drama-orientated studios? Most of all I am looking forward to a school that is kind...

Glowworm3 Tue 17-Aug-10 11:41:14

My kids are there, it is wonderful...a great mix of kindness and care, good exam results but not at the expense of everything else, excellent facilities and lovely surroundings. My son asks to stay at school til late every night so he can hang out with his friends in the many 12 year olds ask to be at school longer!

Punkatheart Wed 18-Aug-10 03:38:14

Thank you Glowworm....we are about to sign the forms....I think it is the right decision. The kindness element is important, as her old school was so very 'hard.'

mah77 Fri 28-Mar-14 22:06:13

Any advise for parents of a girl going to Leighton Park?

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