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Are there any secondary schools without wi-fi?

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raisinsgalore Fri 16-Jul-10 16:20:42

Does anyone know of any secondary schools in the UK without wi-fi? I'm looking for one for my son. I'm even prepared to move if it means that he will be in a non-wireless environment.

EvilTwins Sat 17-Jul-10 18:55:48

The one I teach in doesn't have it.

create Sat 17-Jul-10 19:15:31

Is it possible to be a non-wireless environment?

Even without Wi-Fi my house has TV remote control, wireless doorbell, radio alarm, cordless telephones, wireless keyboard for PC, microwave oven, baby monitor, local mobile phone network....

mumeeee Sat 17-Jul-10 21:26:02

Why does he need to be in a non-wireless enviroment?

PixieOnaLeaf Sun 18-Jul-10 13:25:56

Message withdrawn

MumInBeds Sun 18-Jul-10 18:15:18

You'd be better off home educating, preferably in faraday cage - even if there's a school with no wi-fi now then the odds are they will get it installed soon.

stressedHEmum Tue 20-Jul-10 09:55:35

Local secondaries here don't have wi-fi, but then they don't have much of anything and you REALLY wouldn't want to move here.

earthworm Tue 20-Jul-10 14:32:24

Why go to the trouble of seeking a wi-fi free secondary school when every second house has a wireless router? Even if you haven't got one, your neighbour probably does.

raisinsgalore Thu 29-Jul-10 22:02:12

Thank you Eviltwins, where is your school? Where are you StressedHEmum?

I am adequately medically qualified to have concerns about the safety of wi-fi. The fact that many people have wireless routers at home is a concern. I think the Department of Health and the Health Protection Agency have failed to offer the public guidance which will protect their long-term health.

I would like to be able to choose not to irradiate my children whilst at school. If anyone else can let me know of any secondary schools which do not have wi-fi then I would very much appreciate it.

moonminmama Thu 29-Jul-10 22:09:12

my school doesnt have wifi St Helens

EvilTwins Thu 29-Jul-10 22:11:46

raisinsgalore, I'm in Gloucestershire.

mrsalanmeasles Thu 29-Jul-10 22:19:31

Raisinsgalore, I have the same concerns and I think you are right. Having said that, I'm not sure what the wifi status of local schools are here. My kids don't use laptops at school, so they don't have them sitting on their laps. We don't use mobiles except in genuine emergencies. We actually manage OK!

I'd be interested in hearing more about how you manage - we are really in a bit of a minority.

Vallhala Thu 29-Jul-10 22:50:20

I don't share your concerns but DDs school doesn't have wi-fi. We are in South Cambs.

PixieOnaLeaf Fri 30-Jul-10 13:22:27

Message withdrawn

BollockBrain Fri 30-Jul-10 13:25:34

wi-fi is everywhere though isn't it?

PixieOnaLeaf Fri 30-Jul-10 13:30:53

Message withdrawn

earthworm Fri 30-Jul-10 13:44:05

Here is the tinfoil hat that will protect your son in wireless environments raisinsgalore :

MaamRuby Fri 30-Jul-10 13:47:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

finefatmama Fri 30-Jul-10 14:15:50

Although one of our sites doesn't have wifi, there are a few members of staff with mi-fi (mobile wi-fi) so it wouldn't suit you at all.

You'll also need to check the Cloud, btopenzone etc coverage for the area. just because the school didn't put it there doesn't mean there isn't one.

mrsalanmeasles Fri 30-Jul-10 17:38:03

Laptop PCs that use Wi-Fi could affect male fertility by damaging the sperm and fragmenting DNA, the world’s first study into portable computers has discovered. Men who rest the PC on their laps – rather than on a desk – are much more likely to be affected, say researchers from Nascentis, a reproductive medical centre in Cordoba, Argentina. Wi-Fi radiation affects sperm motility, or movement, and damages the DNA. Researchers discovered that virtually every laptop user had damaged sperm when samples were compared with those from men who didn’t use a laptop and Wi-Fi. The researchers advise men only to use a laptop on a desk, and not on their knees and legs. The findings are controversial. Health agencies have maintained that Wi-Fi radiation has very low emissions, and even a year in a ‘hotspot’ is equivalent to 20-minutes mobile phone usage. (Source: Digital Journal, 26 July, 2010. Website:

mrsalanmeasles Fri 30-Jul-10 17:43:52

Children and teenagers are being advised to limit their use of mobile phones as the technology may pose a health hazard, Canada’s health officials have warned.

Children under the age of eight should use a mobile, or cell, phone only in an emergency, and young teenagers should restrict their use to just 10 minutes a day, Toronto’s department of public health has announced.

This is the first time Canada’s health officials have made such a clear statement, and follows the more tentative one made by UK health officials a few years ago when they also warned parents not to let children use a mobile.

Studies are starting to suggest that long-term mobile phone usage may increase the risk of brain tumours, Loren Vanderlinden, a health department supervisor and author of the report, has said.

(Source: Toronto Star, July 12, 2008).

PowderMum Fri 30-Jul-10 22:11:13

OP It is unlikely that you will be able to find many areas without WI FI within the next 5 years.

freerangeeggs Sat 31-Jul-10 00:57:15

You could move to the North Pole but I hear the schools there aren't great.

Redgriizzle Sat 31-Jul-10 13:52:12

I imagine Rudolf Steiner schools in this country would be wifi-free. You could ring the HQ to ask; they would at least have an understanding of why you were asking.

annh Sat 31-Jul-10 17:10:10

But surely school is only one place they will be exposed to wi-fi? Every coffee shop seems to have it nowadays and probably many of your neighbours have it in their homes. In our close of 7 houses, I know that we can pick up two other wi-fi signals in our house.

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