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Salmond v Sturgeon Round 2.

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Cismyfatarse Sun 28-Feb-21 18:29:33

As the conversation is interesting and the thread is nearly full. Does it matter if Sturgeon is guilty - do you know or care?

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WouldBeGood Sun 28-Feb-21 18:51:24

Making place for the next instalment of the McBorgias

Cismyfatarse Sun 28-Feb-21 19:01:17

Swinney being pressured via no confidence in the same week / couple of days we are supposed to find out more about the return to school. Plus OECD must be bad on education or they would have published the draft.

Lots going on so good to have another place to collate and discuss information.

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StatisticallyChallenged Sun 28-Feb-21 19:03:15

Not publishing things despite parliamentary votes is becoming a bit of a trend...

Coquohvan Sun 28-Feb-21 19:22:23

Can the SC be forced to publicise if they refuse too?

dementedma Sun 28-Feb-21 19:24:16

Interesting she will testify on the same day as Rishi Sunak's budget. Less media interest?
Will she get a 6 hour grilling, or a soft ride from SNP colleague Fabiani?

Nipoleonthenoncommital Sun 28-Feb-21 19:36:18

I watched quite a lot of coverage on Friday. AS' superior intellect in that room was abundantly obvious, with a few exceptions. I imagine NS will appear the same, whether it is the intention of LF or not.

TokyoSushi Sun 28-Feb-21 19:38:04

Checking in, thanks for the new thread

WouldBeGood Sun 28-Feb-21 19:38:34

At the moment I’m more concerned about the FM
lying and the tainting of our Parliamentary and legal institutions to be honest.

That’s for @happygolurkey as the other thread is full!

WouldBeGood Sun 28-Feb-21 19:46:53

There is also the matter of NS adjudicating on the complaint against her by Jim Sillars

Cismyfatarse Sun 28-Feb-21 19:49:20

The Sillars complaint is covered by Wings. Essentially she has written back declaring herself not guilty.

I wonder if in the new shiny Scotland that option will be available for all those who break the rules.

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WouldBeGood Sun 28-Feb-21 19:50:59

Exactly. It’s disgraceful. The tone of her letter was not edifying

littlbrowndog Sun 28-Feb-21 19:55:11

It was strange. The letter was sen5 to Lesley evans. Yet sturgeon answered it

Why ?

StrawberryIceQueen Sun 28-Feb-21 20:23:34

Apparently you can self identify as not guilty hmm

WouldBeGood Sun 28-Feb-21 20:24:30

@StrawberryIceQueen😂😂😂 brilliant

jabbathebutt Sun 28-Feb-21 20:28:13


Beepbeeprichie Sun 28-Feb-21 20:36:53

And what will become of this Aberdein evidence and the memory stick? More importantly, which actors will play all these individuals in the Netflix dramatisation? grin
In all seriousness though, this just gets worse and worse. Replying to a complaint about yourself. Refusing to release evidence. Refusing to release the education report.
Are Evans, Swinney and Murrell all going to be sacrificed to save The Leader? And if so can the public really have faith in the political fabric of the country?

TheShadowyFeminist Sun 28-Feb-21 20:52:38

Just picking up something from the previous thread - the 'everyone knew what AS was like' angle but turned a blind eye while they were benefiting from his other talents. What's happening now is almost the same - the extraordinary lengths those around NS are going to, to preserve her position.

She's clearly an asset to the SNP, they need her to ride on the back of her personal approval ratings & the positive regard on her handling of the Covid pandemic (even if there are failings there too), there's a lot invested in her particular agenda - the GRA (on hold), HCB, ensuring JC doesn't get anywhere near Scottish Parliament & pandering to a narrow faction she's invested in as an integral part of the party/future plans despite the extreme elements of this group (who would ordinarily be viewed as problematic & certainly not pandered to).

The handling of AS back then is being repeated with NS now, with some questionable behaviour by those around her/her government to protect her. There might be differences in what is prompting that behaviour compared to what happened back then with AS but this is very much 'politicking' that normally goes on behind closed doors.

NS's problem is she's been part of something (whether directly or indirectly/unknowingly) that targeted AS specifically & which was done so unbelievably incompetently, it's all spilling out in public in the most damaging way imaginable.

It's continuing now, with Scotgov still trying to control the information being made available to the committee & there comes a point where they need to realise the game is up. The institution under scrutiny should not be pulling the strings of the committee set up to investigate their failings.

WouldBeGood Sun 28-Feb-21 20:56:53

Scotgov is Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell.

That’s partly why this has happened. And why it’s so fascinating. All a bit last days of Rome

Dinnafashyersel Sun 28-Feb-21 21:41:46

All a bit last days of Rome.

Carry on Up the McBorgias indeed grin

Read something about the Hamilton Enquiry taking place in private on Monday and Tuesday. Implication being he will have access to the restricted evidence because of this. Starting to wonder if Nicola will even get her crowning glory on Wednesday.

TheShadowyFeminist Sun 28-Feb-21 21:45:47

I think NS is totally boxed into a corner.

I think there's information that, depending what she says now Wednesday, will be leaked to highlight any dishonest answers.

It really is the last days of Rome

noego Sun 28-Feb-21 22:24:34

Place marking

jabbathebutt Sun 28-Feb-21 22:35:32

beware the ides of march

(which incidentally, is approaching....)

WouldBeGood Sun 28-Feb-21 22:43:48

I love it, @jabbathebutt 😃

Et tu, Alex?

Calledyoulastnightfromglasgow Sun 28-Feb-21 22:48:14

Where is Aberdein in all of this? Surely his evidence/statement is crucial?

I can see Sturgeon resigning shortly. What else can happen

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