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Scottish land Registry question

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raglansleeve Fri 09-Feb-18 09:34:30

We have just paid off mortgage (not a stealth boast, am ancient and it has been a long hard slog). We need to get the house registered to us with the land registry. Is this something we can do ourselves, or do we have to have a solicitor?

ttlshiwwya Fri 09-Feb-18 10:54:06

When we did this two years ago you couldn't do it yourself - you needed a solicitor. I got a few quotes and went with the cheapest. I can't remember exactly how much (£300-400). It took ages but I did say to him we weren't moving so no rush .

user1487194234 Fri 09-Feb-18 11:20:52

I think you do need a solicitor in Scotland but phone customer services at Registers of Scotland and ask them.
Solicitor likely to charge £150 plus VAT plus registration dues of £60

Redyoyo Fri 09-Feb-18 11:58:37

Who is the house registered to? In Scotland even if you have a mortgage the house is registered to you not the bank.
The mortgage is registered as a charge against the property. The mortgage company can provide you with a discharge deed to remove the charge and it costs £60 to register it in the land register.
Although unless your going to be taking out a new mortgage it's not a big deal to leave the charge on until there's going to be another transaction such as a sale of new mortgage.

Redyoyo Fri 09-Feb-18 12:01:53

Oh and you can do it yourself providing you complete the correct registration forms but if you don't get it right you will be charged a rejection fee of £30.

ttlshiwwya Fri 09-Feb-18 20:29:10

I checked and I paid £300 in total (£200+vat+£60 registration Fee(

WaxOnFeckOff Mon 12-Feb-18 11:21:08

I just left my mortgage on but with a zero balance. We'll do any changes as part of the overall thing when we sell up.

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