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Bars in Glasgow city centre

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Castlecould Wed 23-Aug-17 17:40:31

I'm meeting up with some friends in Glasgow city centre this Saturday night and was wondering if anyone could recommend any pubs/bars as none of us know the city that well. We're looking for somewhere that's not too pre-club if you know what I mean? Somewhere we'll still be able to sit and have a conversation without shouting over music ( yes I know how old I sound) TIA

cdtaylornats Wed 23-Aug-17 23:24:59

Horseshoe Bar
17-19 Drury Street, Glasgow

RockyBird Wed 23-Aug-17 23:25:50


Drum & Monkey

Waxy O Connors

RockyBird Wed 23-Aug-17 23:27:25

Or go to the old fruit market near Merchant City, many, many bars under one roof and great atmosphere

MoreProseccoNow Thu 24-Aug-17 07:24:03

There's some nice bars in Princes Swuare e.g. October (at the top)

NikiBabe Mon 28-Aug-17 14:59:40


I went last weekend.

SolemnlySwear2010 Thu 05-Oct-17 12:57:05

Me and my friends normally go to 29 or One Up.

Reasonable for food/drink and are usually filled with people from 25years+ rather than 17/18 year olds.

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