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First day back at school

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Allyg1185 Wed 16-Aug-17 08:36:36

Well thats the first day arrived! My ds goes into p2 today. I'm really nervous for him for some reason. Anyone else back today?

ssd Wed 16-Aug-17 08:39:25

yep, S5 here, walked away with his pals, changed days from when they clung to me at the school gates...

I'll miss seeing the wee cuties going into P1, I love seeing them...might go to spar just so I can pass them...

Groovee Wed 16-Aug-17 08:43:31

S6 and S4 for us! Where has the time gone?

Allyg1185 Wed 16-Aug-17 19:34:59

It's to fast sometimes

MrsAmaretto Wed 16-Aug-17 21:19:31

Yes, nursery & P3. I really feel like the summer holidays have gone too fast this year, but at the same time there are lots of signs of autumn starting. I wish they'd finished at the beginning of June!

laptopshmaptop Thu 17-Aug-17 13:44:57

P1 here today. Had a wee lump in my throat watching DS walk away into his class with his teacher. He was loving it though! Counting down the minutes until pick up time!

YerAWizardHarry Tue 22-Aug-17 18:12:32

DS had his first session in p1 today! Was only an hour and a half but he loved it he was the only one in his group who need their parent tagging along

FlippingBottleFlippers Tue 22-Aug-17 20:20:43

DC2 started S1 today, enjoyed it but a bit overwhelmed! DC4 (and last), starting P1 tomorrow, he'll be quiet but take it in his stride, me on the other hand.....

WaxOnFeckOff Tue 22-Aug-17 20:40:53

An hour and a half? Our local primary just starts them 15 minutes late and they do a full day.

YerAWizardHarry Wed 23-Aug-17 14:30:34

Wax he only did an hour today! 1.5hrs on Thursday and Friday then he has 2 weeks of 9 til 1230 it's a bloody nightmare

WaxOnFeckOff Wed 23-Aug-17 14:39:51

That's terrible. What are is that? I wonder why they are allowed to make such a difference?

YerAWizardHarry Wed 23-Aug-17 15:11:14

I'm in Aberdeen it seems all the schools do a similar thing up here

WaxOnFeckOff Wed 23-Aug-17 16:19:10

They must breed them weak up there grin

They haven't done staged entry here for a long time. DS1 is 17 and he started at 10am on the first day then full time. DS the year after was still 10 I think. That's mainly to reduce chaos in the playground with all the parents etc trying to get photos etc.

They've brought it right back to 9.15 now but I think everyone was in playground at 9 anyway.

A lot of kids now have been in full time nursery, they must wonder what this 1 hour thing is all about and I've no idea how parents manage to cover it either. Nightmare!

I hope he's enjoying it though Wizard

YerAWizardHarry Fri 25-Aug-17 00:38:01

He's absolutely loving it! Been a bit worried because he's only 4.5 (January born) but I think he's going to thrive.

Childminder for mornings and after school club booked for when he starts full time, I feel sad after our long, lazy summer. Back to the books for me too!

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