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mayoli Sat 01-Jul-17 16:57:55

I've been asked by my gran to post this!

My gran currently lives in Wales and is still well but her health is starting to deteriorate somewhat. She is currently the only family member still in Wales, her DS (my uncle) is in Australia and the rest of us are up in Glasgow. She's starting to worry about not being mobile enough to move in future years so she's thinking about moving up near Glasgow soon. And then I told her I'm planning to have a child soon which has swayed her more- fair enough!

She's asked me where she should live. I've always lived in working-class inner city areas in Glasgow so I have no idea where would be good for her as although I've travelled a lot, I haven't spent any time in towns just outside Glasgow. Her requirements are: somewhere just outside Glasgow, so a town, but near enough to get in in half an hour by train or fifteen minutes by car. Somewhere that has lots of groups for elderly folk; at the moment she does singing, tai chi, art and pottery on a weekly basis and would like to find similar things to do up here. She'd also like to be somewhere that has volunteering opportunities, think Citizens Advice Bureau. She hasn't really given me a budget but I know she'd need at least a two-bed house with the amount of stuff she has. Currently she lives in a three-bed and has one of the bedrooms converted into a study which works well for her. Somewhere that has a lot of bungalows would be a plus as she thinks she's not going to manage stairs soon.

Anyone got any recommendations of towns near Glasgow that match up to what she's looking for? Thanks!

howabout Sat 01-Jul-17 20:04:33

Suggest you look at train low level routes outwards from where you are. I think you are still in Glasgow if you drive 15 minutes in any direction from the Centre.

PoppyPopcorn Sat 01-Jul-17 23:01:06

Milngavie. Can't move for oldies round here.

MoreProseccoNow Sun 02-Jul-17 10:35:07

East Renfrewshire: Clarkston, Giffnock, Netherlee, Busby, Newton Mearns.

All of these have good facilities & transport in to town in about 20 mins, but longer by car/bus.

Places like Eaglesham, Houston, etc probably double that.

The Hipsters are all in Shawlands, West End (Partick, Hyndland, etc) & Denniston - so best avoid these! 😁

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