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Orange Walk

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AgentProvocateur Sat 01-Jul-17 16:43:55

Glasgow city centre ground to a halt today, with most of the streets closed to traffic between 9am and 4pm, so that a bunch of bigots could celebrate a war that happened over 300 years ago. There were loads of tourists in town, taking photos and video of the "parade", not knowing the background. And worse than the marchers, are the hangers-on - many of them drunk and with small children who are waving flags for something they know nothing about. Sometimes I'm ashamed to be Scottish. angry

Maudlinmaud Sat 01-Jul-17 16:48:29

Not Scottish but it's a fact of life where I come from. It's just cultural. The parades pass my home is August and I listen to the music but it goes on very late. No point having the TV on as you can't hear it over the bands. It's not my culture but something I live with.

rogueantimatter Sat 01-Jul-17 17:33:25

I hate to think why they're allowed. What can they claim to be protesting about?

Calyx72 Sat 01-Jul-17 18:13:08

Agree with you Agentprovocateur. There's a difference between free speech and glorifying sectarianism.

I wouldn't want to ban their right to do their thing in Glasgow Green or wherever. But the road closures, the noise pollution at 9am (even with earplugs the bang bang bang bang bangitty bang, thud thud thud was just aaargggghhh) and the cost to police etc. Can't see any other group being allowed to do it. The Easter Egg run by bikers for the sick kids at Yorkhill (then Southern/QEUH) had to be all but cancelled last year as Council wouldn't allow the police to Marshall it - but they allow this hatred peddling?! angry

chipsandpeas Sat 01-Jul-17 18:24:08

i got caught out by them in glasgow last year and vowed at this time of year to always check when this shits going on

Lidlfix Sat 01-Jul-17 18:29:11

I will have the joy next week. Sectarianism bringing its close companions; public urinating, intoxication before breakfast, neglected children and extreme misogynistic swearing.

And my council tax pays for policing whilst the SLAs have a pay cut...angry

mayoli Sat 01-Jul-17 18:31:53

It's horrible isn't it sad
I had a lot of things to do today in the centre but I couldn't bring myself to go in. Makes me SO sad.

nooddsocksforme Sat 01-Jul-17 19:08:49

I was in Glasgow City Centre too. Also makes me feel ashamed to be Scottish . I do believe in free speech and people are entitled to their opinions but they were holding up the whole city and possibly giving visitors (if they understood what was going on) the impression that this is a majority view. They should be relegated to less public areas. Disgusting.

AgentProvocateur Sat 01-Jul-17 19:25:36

I titled this thread "orange walk fuckers". Does MNHQ change swearing titles now? hmm

squoosh Sat 01-Jul-17 19:35:48

Orange walks are my very least favourite thing about living in Glasgow! The pandering from the police and the Council towards these sectarian knuckle draggers enrages me. The very fact that the city has to grind to a halt for a full day so these idiots can celebrate a foreign country's 350 year old victory in battle is mind boggling. And the worst thing is it's not even just one day in the year! It seems like every other Saturday through the summer months I'm woken by the racket of their drums and their flutes.

Sort it out Glasgow and stop spending my taxes on this divisive shit. This is not the modern image you want to portray to the rest of the UK and the world.

FlipFlopsReady Sat 01-Jul-17 19:37:12

It's got to stop. It's beyond a joke to indulge this bigotry any longer.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 01-Jul-17 19:38:28

Knuckle draggers.

They should make them pay for their own policing and for the road closures - that might curb their enthusiasm a bit...

Calyx72 Sat 01-Jul-17 20:07:38

hmm the word has disappeared right enough - that's odd!

AgentProvocateur Sat 01-Jul-17 20:20:59

I got an email from MNHQ. They had a few reports and they felt the title was "provocative" so they changed it. Slightly ironic since an orange walk is the epitome of provocative.

squoosh Sat 01-Jul-17 20:40:44

Ugh. God forbid someone is mean about the sweet little Orange Order...

MeanAger Sat 01-Jul-17 20:47:29

Do they do the twelfth in Glasgow too? We have the pleasure of losing our council run car parks to be used as pallet storage centres for the 3/4 weeks before the twelfth. It's a fucking joke. They just take them and laugh at anyone suggesting they should be moved. The sheer arrogance of it.

squoosh Sat 01-Jul-17 20:59:14

In Glasgow the main march is the week before the twelfth, so they get to bring Glasgow to a standstill and then pop over to Belfast and enjoy their Orange treats too. Double the fun/knuckle dragging (delete as appropriate)

SheGotOffThePlane Sat 01-Jul-17 21:01:16

To be honest I would have titled it 'Scummy Orange Walk Cunts' so I'm outraged on your behalf that it's been censored.

elphabathegreenone Sat 01-Jul-17 21:03:40


squoosh Sat 01-Jul-17 21:04:41

Maybe MNHQ are fans of the be-sashed ones.

GeillisTheWitch Sat 01-Jul-17 21:05:12

Slightly tongue in cheek meme, but yes I agree that they shouldn't take place, there's no place for this bullshit in today's society.

GeillisTheWitch Sat 01-Jul-17 21:06:42


GeillisTheWitch Sat 01-Jul-17 21:07:38

Sorry for double post, my browser is playing silly buggers.

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sat 01-Jul-17 21:12:12

I'm another one that HATES the Orange walk. The music and the proper walkers don't rule me as much as the hangers on, pissed out of their heids at 11am , bottle of buckie swinging, baby in pram dressed head to toe in Rangers strip. Ugh!

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sat 01-Jul-17 21:12:34

Rule= rile

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