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Advice on Good Primary Schools Near the U of Glasgow

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DadOnSabbatical Tue 30-May-17 21:11:27

Hello all,

I'm moving to Glasgow from the USA with my 9-, 5-, and 3-year-old, and wanted to ask for recommendations about (non-private) primary schools near the UofG besides Hillhead. We need to pick a catchment area in which to rent, but we don't know much about the other primary schools near the University. We'll be in town for only one year, but we'd like for our children to have the best school experience possible!

Many thanks!

aliceinwanderland Wed 31-May-17 00:41:24

I have friends with kids at Notre Dame (Catholic school), Hyndland and Kelvindale. They all seem pretty happy with those schools. . Hillhead is closest to the University though and it would be the first choice for most visiting academics. The 3 year old wouldn't get a school place, he/she should get funded nursery hours - or a nursery place. I think its still 15 hours a week. Of the state nurseries Kelvin Park, Early Years is in the Hillhead grounds and Elie Street is next to Notre Dame. If you get funded hours in a private nursery then you would probably have to pay some fees as well.

MacarenaFerreiro Wed 31-May-17 08:02:47

Hillhead is definitely closest - literally across the road. I don't know Notre Dame but might be worth considering if you're a Catholic family, Hyndland Primary also great. Any others and you're getting a bit far to walk every day.

DadOnSabbatical Thu 01-Jun-17 17:33:37

Thanks for this helpful advice! We're aiming to enroll them at Hillhead, but it's good know what the other options are.

aliceinwanderland Thu 01-Jun-17 18:00:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kaytee87 Fri 16-Jun-17 17:41:03

alice I'm not sure if non brits would receive the funded hours unless they'd been living here for a certain amount of time. Something to check op.

whirliegig Fri 16-Jun-17 17:48:24

You might also like to consider Dowanhill Primary, also extremely close to the Uni - or Broomhill primary still within walking distance or even Scotstoun primary, which has a really lovely atmosphere and in a lovely community.....there's actually a fair few to choose from!

aliceinwanderland Fri 16-Jun-17 18:12:57

Downhill shut a couple of years ago. I would have said Broomhill and Scotstoun a bit far to walk myself - but perhaps I'm lazy!

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