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S4: bad to miss first week of term in October?

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Euphemia Sat 25-Mar-17 06:29:31

I'm a primary teacher so I've never taken DD out of school during term time for a holiday. I'm currently employed in the same authority as DD's school.

I'm considering a move of authority, and although both have two weeks' holiday in October, they're not the same two weeks!

The past few years we've gone to the US for ten days then (cheaper, bearable heat, quieter): if we did so this year DD (going into S4 next school year) would miss the first week of term. Is she likely to miss loads of work and never catch up?!

I'm aware that we have a maximum of three years left when we can go away in October, so one hand I want to use them for similar holidays, but on the other hand I don't want to foul things up for DD.

Lidlfix Sat 25-Mar-17 08:01:27

May 5 courses are pretty full on and she'll have started S4 timetable before the summer they'll be in the thick of it. Some subjects (ones where you could get her course notes to read -English, Social Subjects etc ) she'll probably be okay. But Maths and Sciences where learning is sequential missing a week could be tough. My DD 2 missed 2 weeks in August of S4 for a once in a lifetime trip . She was fine catch up wise but was taking lots of text based rather than numeracy heavy subjects and only doing Maths at Nat 4. DD3 might get the same offer this year at the same stage of her education and we might have to, sadly, turn it down. DD3 is doing Nat 5 Maths and Physics and it's beyond my (English teacher) skills to help her through what she will miss.

Sorry, probably not that helpful I suppose I'm trying to say depends what subjects she's taking and whether you can help her fill any knowledge and content gaps.

prettybird Sat 25-Mar-17 09:34:10

If you have a good relationship with dad's school, why not ask them what they think? They'll also know your dd and her ability to put in the work required.

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