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Foundation apprenticeships

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dementedma Wed 01-Mar-17 21:10:34

DS in S4 and getting ready to sit NAT 5s, although after shit prelim results I'm not holding my breath. He is adamant he's not staying on but is the youngest in his year and is only just 15, so can't leave until Christmas at the earliest. I'm hoping he will change he his mind and stay on to complete 5th year once he finds out all his friends are but, he is talking about doing an apprenticeship and the school have said he can start a foundation one which would entail one day at college and 4 days in school for the rest of his curriculum. Has anyone any experience of this? He's a bright kid but lazy and disengaged. Good at music, and wants a job in computing, gaming, coding, tech, engineering type things..

ttlshiwwya Thu 02-Mar-17 10:06:22

No direct experience however at least 2 of my DS2s friends have done foundation apprenticeships. One rather successfully as he turned up the other week with the electrician to fit a new switch on my shower and has obtained a paid apprenticeship with further training. My DCs school offer an afternoon college option in S3 and S4 and then a foundation apprenticeship in S5/S6 which I think is equivalent to 2 highers over 2 years. I think some of DS1 and DS2s friends looked into this but the options were limited to building trades and social care. Engineering wasn't offered nor computing/music technology. However this is probably because of the college we are near. There is an Engineering Academy at the Glasgow colleges in partnership with Strathclyde university but I think they require at least 4 highers.

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