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Nanny costs

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sugarmonster64 Mon 13-Feb-17 09:29:31

Does anyone have any experience of nanny costs? We'd be looking for a live out nanny probably 4 days a week and want to get an idea of how much we'd be looking to pay. Thanks

ElzBelz Mon 13-Feb-17 15:24:48

Hi, I'm a nanny in Glasgow. You are probably looking at £8/£8.50 per hour gross for someone with not much experience up to a maximum of about £12 per hour with someone qualified with lots of experience. Edinburgh seems to have wages at the higher end of the spectrum for some reason and you may be able to lower the amounts slightly if you live outside of the cities.

There are always extra costs of having a nanny that are worth considering.

There extra heating if you've got someone in your house all day and normally a small amount of cost with food. Most nannies would eat the same food as their charges for lunch and that would be provided from what's in the kitchen plus tea/coffee etc throughout the day.

There would normally be expenses for playgroups/music classes/soft play etc if you're happy for your nanny to take your child to these things and also days out during the holidays.

If you'd like the nanny to use her own car then there are fuel allowance costs too and my employers also contribute to tax and insurance.

How you find a nanny can also be pricey, I think it's about £500 for tinies to find you someone at the minute and if you find your own nanny but want to use childcare vouchers towards their pay that would require a fee to an agency to register as well, I think that's £100+

It's not a cheap option but being a nanny I believe if you can find the right person it is the best option.

Feel free to ask anything else.

user1487324876 Fri 17-Feb-17 10:02:13

I agree with ElzBelz, if you hire an experienced nanny then it will cost you more than £9 per hour.

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