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Placing Request Decisions

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dancemom Sun 05-Feb-17 14:14:21

Long wait till 30 April (Glasgow) is anyone else waiting??

FreshStart2017 Sun 05-Feb-17 14:28:02

Me! I'm feeling slightly nervous about it even tho the nursery have said it shouldn't be a problem. I'll just feel so bad if I've sent my DS to a nursery out the catchment and then he doesn't get a P1 place.

dancemom Sun 05-Feb-17 15:23:55

School we requested not over subscribed in previous years but still won't relax until it's confirmed!

prettybird Sun 05-Feb-17 15:45:43

I suspect ds' secondary, which up until now has been able to accept all placing requests, is getting close to capacity and may have to reject some sad I hope it doesn't come to that.

TheTroubleWithAngels Sun 05-Feb-17 15:48:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Celticlassie Sun 12-Feb-17 21:30:27

The city is getting full - although there are still schools with very small rolls for the size of building.
Add to that the fact that East Ren is very full so a lot of those who try to get placed outwith Glasgow will have to come back.

LemonBreeland Sun 12-Feb-17 21:33:01

I've been through it twice. Thankfully my youngest is now in school, so I no longer have to worry. My sympathies with you for the wait though. It is nerve wracking.

thecitydoc Tue 14-Feb-17 12:55:16

my understanding is that last year Glasgow had just over 500 placing requests - East Ren 1,500, and most declined. The situation in East Ren this year might be a bit less severe but with all the house building unlikley to be as many granted as in previous years. Glasgow will need to accommodate these children in catchment schools which might impact on intra Glasgow placing requests

dancemom Thu 13-Apr-17 14:29:21

An update...

This year Glasgow City Council had a record number of placing requests and a record number of refusals also.

Decision letters being issued on 21st April apparently....

TinfoilHattie Thu 13-Apr-17 16:19:33

This P7 year appears to be a "bulge" year in East Dunbartonshire - my daughter is moving on to secondary in August and there are 62 of them in her P7 class. Other local schools have large P7 groups too. A few of her friends who are at her primary on a placing request have had to put in another placing request for secondary, and may well not get in. Most of these kids are from west dunbartonshire, glasgow city or stirlingshire so yes, impact in those areas too.

Very glad we're in catchment and happy with the catchment secondary as it's not something I have to concern myself about at all. Fingers crossed to all waiting.

user1487194234 Fri 14-Apr-17 14:44:52

It does seem like there is a fair chance that kids in East Dunbartonshire primary schools on placement requests will not get to the associated secondary

I am sure I remember at the time three Bearsden Academy was built it was made clear it was been built at a size for the projected school roll for local kids

dancemom Sat 22-Apr-17 09:20:10

So stressed about this, hope the letters arrive soon!

prettybird Sat 22-Apr-17 09:50:25

User - when our local primary school was re-built, Glasgow City Council made it very clear that it was being built for the current catchment and not the placing requests.

It wouldn't even factor in the big new development of flats across the road, into which lots of young couples had moved.... hmmconfused

Seniorcitizen1 Sat 22-Apr-17 17:51:07

It is only fair that councils build for catchment pupils - why should they spend our money to educate children from other areas. I think new East Ren schools are being built to take account of massive house building programme and it wont be long before only ER residents are educated in our schools

MoreProseccoNow Sat 22-Apr-17 18:58:04

I'm in a different area (Edinburgh) & things are so tight in catchment schools that placing requests are increasingly being refused, even for siblings already at the school (where the family moved after 1st DC started school).

P1 will be 80 kids this year, there are only 2 classrooms & a ratio of 1:25 for P1, so the figures just don't add up.

The council, many years ago, in a very short-sighted move, closed schools & has known about the projected school rolls for years, but has done nothing & is now panicking, putting P6/7's in portakabins.

prettybird Sat 22-Apr-17 20:10:41

I don't have an issue per se about building just for catchment - provided the adjoining schools (in the same council area) are not themselves full from in-catchment requests (as is the case where we are) with a rising birthrate.

What I do have an issue is the lack of common sense in anticipating that a large number of new flats full of young couples, immediately adjacent to the school (literally across the road from it, industrial waste land on the other side of the flats for half a mile so no alternative school unless they reopen Scotland Street Primary wink), won't have the inevitable consequence in c.5 years wink

The council's glib response,when this was pointed out to them, was "we'll just change the catchment then". hmm

That brings me back to the first point: the primary schools in the adjacent catchments are themselves full confused

dancemom Mon 24-Apr-17 15:08:55

Got our letter today, we got in! Phew!

prettybird Mon 24-Apr-17 15:35:44

That's really good news smile

I remember when I put in the placing request for ds' secondary being worried until I got the acceptance letter and seeing it in black & white, even though they'd never not been able to accept all placing requests.

weegiemum Mon 24-Apr-17 15:44:27

Good news. Our DC are all on placing requests as we use Glasgow Gaelic school but are all now safely in the Ardsgoil (high school) so ok.
Glad you got in ok, I've come across several who didn't, it's quite tight in Glasgow these days!

OhFuds Tue 25-Apr-17 18:51:48

Good news dancemom

I'm waiting to find out if my DD has got a P1 place, I hope my letter comes soon! I've just check the council website as I'm feeling quite nervous and thankfully the school I've put in my placing request isn't on the list where schools have trouble accepting them.

I'm starting to think I should've stuck with my catchment school as I will need to go through the worry next year when my DD starts P1.

dancemom Wed 26-Apr-17 18:13:46

Any word OhFuds?

OhFuds Wed 26-Apr-17 20:33:56

Just noticed I put DD instead of DS!

Yay, he got a place. My letter came today, it's such a big year for DD I won't be as nervous as at least she will have a sibling at the school already.

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