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AH advice needed

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readsalotgirl63 Thu 10-Nov-16 23:32:41

Hi didn't want to hijack the other AH thread. DD is in S6, did 5 Highers in S5 and is now doing 3 AH and an OU 15 credit module.

Her plan is to apply to uni to study law - she knows this is competitive and got AAAAB in highers. She is doing AH biology having crashed Higher human biology last year which she really enjoyed and got an A - which is why she did AH biology. However she is not enjoying the practical aspect of the course and feels out of her depth and is finding the workload pretty heavy.

She is hardworking and has a good work ethic - she also has a reasonable number of extra curricular activities and I can see she is trying to balance all this but is struggling.

So oh wise Mumsnetters - advice please ? Should we agree to her dropping the AH biology or should she continue ? We are all feeling a little stressed at the moment as FIL passed away a week ago and we have to travel to deepest England for the funeral next week ( where MIL is I think expecting to host the afterwards at her tiny house to save money but that's another thread)hmm

Beebeeeight Thu 10-Nov-16 23:53:55

Look at the Uni websites or ask the school.

Bloopbleep Fri 11-Nov-16 00:04:21

Aaaab is good enough for most RG Scottish law schools but some have you sit the lnat as well. If her heart is set on law she doesn't really need ah biology and there's no point stressing out over a subject if she's not enjoying it.

readsalotgirl63 Fri 11-Nov-16 20:09:01

Hi thanks - she will sit the LNat at the end of the month - the OU module doesn't seem to attract UCAS points but she is enjoying that and I can't believe it wouldn't be useful if she does get into uni to study law. The school are keen for them all to do 4 subjects so suspect there will be pressure from it for her to stay in the class. Think we might tell her not to worry about ti and to do the bare minimum - like you say bloop - not worth stressing over.

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