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Advice on moving to Scotland South Lanarkshire please

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user1475552936 Tue 04-Oct-16 05:17:15

I'm leaving Australia and headed to Scotland with 13 year old twins. Circumstances are not good, their dad has walked out on us so we are going back alone and with bare minimal savings. My family all live in Stonehouse / Larkhall area and want us to live there. I could afford a small rental for a couple of months until I get a job. Then savings are done. I'm just worried that the area my family lives is not a good one - have heard stories! I guess I'm looking for someone who knows that area to advise me if it's a nice place to raise my kids, who are already going through a lot of distress. Or if anyone could recommend an area close but may be better in terms of school etc. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

YokoWakarimasen Tue 04-Oct-16 05:28:37

I am in Stonehouse and moved back in February from another country. I was nervous bringing my mixed race kids here but on the whole it has been ok. I find it much changed for the better. are you ok?

user1475552936 Tue 04-Oct-16 05:47:09

Thanks that sounds a bit positive! What school are your children in please?

ttlshiwwya Tue 04-Oct-16 10:43:18

I live in Larkhall and my kids attend Larkhall Academy. They both have friends in Larkhall and Stonehouse. Even in the so-called "bad areas" there are lots of really good families. I think the area gets a much worse reputation than it deserves. However I'm from Glasgow so it depends what you are used to/comfortable with.

We stay at the Hamilton-end of Larkhall and I like it here - cheap house prices plus train station so my teenagers can easily get to Hamilton/Glasgow/Edinburgh without us. I know from my kid's friends that some areas as not so good at night - in that they didn't feel comfortable walking home themselves.

Larkhall Academy could be better academically but it's been okay for my kids so far and any issues with bullying/bad behaviour are dealt with quickly. Generally the kids get on with each other/tolerate each other so no big issues here. My kids tell me that other state schools in Hamilton are much worse discipline/bullying-wise. However I do know some parents (usually living in Stonehouse) who have made placing requests for their kids to go to Strathaven Academy which is much smaller and has better academic results (albeit from a much more affluent catchment area). I don't know of anyone who made a placing request and didn't get it. Also my neighbours kids go to the Catholic catchment school in Hamilton - Holy Cross - which gets good exam results so that's another option. It would be worth taking a look at all the school options if you get the chance before you register the kids - could a family member do this for you?

Good luck with your move and I hope everything turns out okay. PM me if you want specific info.

user1475552936 Tue 04-Oct-16 10:54:36

Oh thank you so much for all the information smile You have no idea how my mind has eased a bit now. I will certainly look into it all now that I know it's not as bad as I've been told smile Thank you again and I hope you don't mind if I pick your brain again if I think of anything else. My family are obviously biased and just want me with them haha, so an outsider's perspective is wonderful at this stage. Thanks again x

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