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Edinburgh Hogmanay advice please

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blameitonme Tue 27-Sep-16 15:30:51

Hi, it's that time of year for my annual pilgrimage to the land of my birth!

We usually go to Crieff Hydro but the kids are older and we really fancy Edinburgh.

We are hoping to visit from 28/12-2/1.

We have 2 teens (17,18) and a 12 year old.

My questions are numerous and don't want long post/drip feed...the dilemma! Here goes:

I'm trying to decide before tickets go on sale (on Friday) whether we should all go to the Concert in the Gardens, or let the teens go (and probably end up in street party) and we go to Ceilidh in old town.

If we choose the Concert we would like to get a little dance in - is the Final Fling any good?

And the torch procession - is it from St Giles to Carlton Hill?

Re accommodation we want to stay very central so the teens can make their way back easily. So, a family friendly hotel ideally with a bit of festive stuff going on just in case the weather is vile and we stay in with the youngest. The only hotels that have a gala dinner on are ££££ and not really suitable for families.

Apex in Waterloo Place seems ok, has a pool, kids menu - any opinions?

I looked at Airbnb but it's as dear as a hotel.

What area would be best to stay? I'm thinking south side as I don't want to have a long loop back home to avoid having to go through street party with the 12year old, but we don't mind seeing/ hearing the celebrations so it's fine if it's on a busy street.

Hope that's not too much to read, and thanks for any assistance.

Groovee Wed 28-Sep-16 15:57:30

I'm a bit useless with hotels because I don't know where they close off the streets. Possibly a hotel in the high street may be better.

I usually fall asleep during the evening and miss Hogmanay.

blameitonme Wed 28-Sep-16 16:35:11

Well that's what usually happens here too! Hence the trip (plus I'm hoping to convince DD to apply to EdinUni)

Groovee Wed 28-Sep-16 21:58:22

I'm hoping I don't as my friend moved to a flat over looking the castle so we are going there for new year.

blameitonme Wed 28-Sep-16 22:53:37

I'm sure you won't. Enjoy!

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