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Calling all parents with experience of Kyle Academy, Queen Margaret's and Belmont in Ayr!

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oldmac Tue 23-Aug-16 21:44:15

I would be interested to hear any personal experience of the three high schools in Ayr and whether you would recommend them. I am interested in the pastoral care, ease of course choice, bullying, behaviour etc. Which of these schools would you choose?

howabout Wed 24-Aug-16 11:45:25

I know all 3 and would have no issues with sending my DC to any of them. QM is the catholic one, Belmont is the biggest and also has a very widespread catchment and demographic. Kyle is smaller with a more homogeneous intake and so a bit less daunting. I would choose based on distance from home to school unless I had concerns about my DC's ability to fit into a big diverse environment in which case I would choose Kyle over Belmont (I am not catholic but would choose QM if I were). Just had a quick flick through the parentzone data and I think it gives a pretty fair reflection of all 3 schools.

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