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Schools in Newton/Drumsagard

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FinallyARainbow Mon 15-Aug-16 13:35:03


We're moving to this area soon and hoping to get any insights into the schools if possible as the sales person in the development wasn't that useful regarding catchment areas etc.

From what I've worked out online, we are potentially closest to Hallside Primary but this seems to be bursting at the seams and a few news articles mentioned that a new primary school was being built in Newton. Is this correct? Does anyone know where it would be?

Our current decision is between Hallside and St Charles but I'm not keen on either of the secondaries these feed in to (yes, I know, getting waaaaaaay ahead of myself) so if anyone has any thoughts on the local schools I'd really appreciate it. DH and I are both from Glasgow but I was brought up in East Ren and he was in the North so not our area at all.

selte Tue 16-Aug-16 23:13:39

St Charles is catchment for Newton, feeds into Trinity afaik.

There is currently a new school (Newton Primary) being built, due to open next August. Until then, the non-dom catchment is Cairns. The secondary school for Newton Primary will be Uddingston Grammar.

FinallyARainbow Wed 17-Aug-16 15:01:50

Thanks so much for replying, that's helpful.

I'd been trying to find out info about the new Newton Primary and if we'd be in its catchment but nothing really available yet. The fact it feeds into Uddingston would be a big plus. I hadn't heard of Cairns so will have a look. I'd driven past Hallside so just assumed that was our school.

St Charles is an option for us but I hadn't heard good things about Trinity which was the main concern. Although, the people I know that went there left about 15 years ago so I suspect it could have changed a lot.

selte Sat 20-Aug-16 08:22:00

I believe that Hallside is catchment for Drumsagard - hence Newton farm residents having to go to Cairns since Hallside is already over-subscribed. Hallside feeds into a secondary in Cambuslang, sorry not sure which one.

We chose Cairns over St Charles as our primary specifically because we will automatically transfer to Newton Primary once complete and then Uddingston grammar. I haven't heard anything negative about Trinity, I just know that UG is an excellent school and I want my children to go there.

FinallyARainbow Tue 23-Aug-16 08:34:35

Thanks, that's interesting. I had assumed that given the name of our development, Hallside Farm, we'd go to Hallside but slightly hoping that DS could go to Newton Primary to make sure we get UG. A few friends went there and only have good reports about it.

I believe Hallside feeds into Cathkin High so we've prepared ourselves for the possibility of a private secondary if need be but a lot could change in 10 years!

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