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Moving to the Highlands

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user1471083768 Sat 13-Aug-16 12:43:52

Our family will be moving to Scotland within the next 12 months for work reasons. We are looking at the Inverness area (including Beauly / Fort Augustus and environs. Possibly going as far west as Elgin. We have a 6 year old and an 8 year old and would really appreciate advice on super schools and - looking ahead - fabulous secondary schools or equivalent. My children currently go to a small village school and would be more comfortable in a small rather than a large school. Also, I'm a qualified primary teacher and wonder how easy it would be to find work in schools in that area. All advice much appreciated. Thank you.

OllyBJolly Sat 13-Aug-16 13:00:54

Inverness and Elgin don't look too far apart but it's a very busy road. I regularly do Inverness-Nairn.It's 13 miles but can take 45 minutes.

Nairn is nice with good schools. Beautiful, large beach and looks very family friendly. A lot of new housing and I suspect schools might be a bit oversubscribed.

If I had the choice I'd go more towards Fort Augustus or consider the Black isle. (although I think the bridge can be very congested at peak times)

Haggisfish Sat 13-Aug-16 13:02:35

If you qualified anywhere other than Scotland, you have to register with teaching council Scotland to be allowed to teach and you have to complete a probationary year again, no matter your level of experience (I think).

Pokedex Sat 13-Aug-16 13:09:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Missgraeme Sat 13-Aug-16 13:15:52

So envious!!! Enjoy!!

fuckweasel Sat 13-Aug-16 14:28:06 have to complete a probationary year again, no matter your level of experience (I think).

Not necessarily, I was given full registration straight off based on prior experience.

Haggisfish Sat 13-Aug-16 14:31:01

Ok, I am wrong! smile

doodlejump1980 Sat 13-Aug-16 14:34:08

If you're wanting supply then Inverness would be your best bet. Pm me for a bit more info!

Roseformeplease Sun 14-Aug-16 10:47:14

I moved from England, no problem. Lots of jobs here (West Coast) and fantastic schools with tiny classes. pm me if you want info. Would avoid FA as High School is tiny (40 - 50 pupils) but Drumnadrichit HS is excellent.

Roseformeplease Sun 14-Aug-16 10:47:39

Drumnadrochit - no coffee yet!

user1471083768 Thu 18-Aug-16 09:04:11

Thanks so much for all the responses.

dostopwaffelinggeremy Thu 10-Nov-16 09:26:11

I was going to start a thread with more or less the same criteria shock
Family moving to Highlands, Moray Coast area. Haven't narrowed an area down, so would like any good or bad advice, mainly on schools (both primary and secondary). Really open to suggestions as we are not really tied for work, though dh needs access to an airport of train station once in a while wink Any little gems out there? Looking for more rural than city, but other than than I'm open to suggestions smile
Have visited Drumnadrochit looking for Nessie when the kids were small and though it was lovely, isn't it quite remote though????
Would probably prefer East Coast, don't know why really hmm but am very open to West coast too confused

dostopwaffelinggeremy Thu 10-Nov-16 09:27:05

OP, did you find somewhere?

Beebeeeight Fri 11-Nov-16 00:02:47

I might relocate north sometime in the future too!

I can work out of any main town.

Don't mind commuting up to an hour each way.

Would want excellent schools!

DD wants a big garden a field for a pony.

DP wouldn't want to be too remote eg have bus/rail line and local shop.

Probably looking for a 3-5 bed for c. £180-230k.

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