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This is August? Really?

(12 Posts)
BeJayKayven Sun 07-Aug-16 22:37:42

Windy, pissing down and freezing. I've got the heating on again
So depressing 🙁

onlyevertartanjammies Sun 07-Aug-16 23:19:16

I'm lying in bed listening to the wind shock

More like October. It'd put years on you.

hidingwithwine Mon 08-Aug-16 10:11:25

I love it. Can't wait for "summer" to be over. Every year is the same "it's raining/rotten weather/too hot/I can't sleep" etc etc.

Bring in Autumn and winter - at least you know they're cold!

WankersHacksandThieves Mon 08-Aug-16 11:31:13

Autumn is probably my favourite season, but I like it more when we've had a nice summer. I like the return to chilly mornings and I like a wee touch of frost and a clear sky, I can almost smell it.

But when the whole year is just a progression of longer slightly warmer dreich days to colder darker dreich days it makes me depressed. sad

One of my favourite memories is when my eldest was about 4 months old and had his first little fleecy jumper and hat on and we went out for a walk in the buggy before I went back to work. Love the little rosy cheeks.

OhFuds Mon 08-Aug-16 16:44:41

I can't wait until the dark nights are back, I love closing the curtains early and getting cosy on the couch.

LunaLoveg00d Mon 08-Aug-16 18:15:12

It's certainly windy, but it's not cold.

Today has been warm and dry all day, have got loads of washing done and the kids have been out all day.

WankersHacksandThieves Mon 08-Aug-16 18:17:08

When I came out of work it was wet but it's lovely now.

BeJayKayven Mon 08-Aug-16 21:36:56

Much nicer tonight - had a lovely walk after dinner and the sun was still out until 8ish

Euphemia Tue 09-Aug-16 20:54:11

Fucking Baltic. I had to get up and put an extra layer on the other night, it was so cold!

Today I'm wearing a vest, a long jumper and a cosy cardigan!

dementedma Tue 09-Aug-16 20:59:28

I agree that a crisp autumn is welcome after a hot summer. But this endless dreichness and rain has been so depressing! The occasional bits of sunshine haven't added up to make a summer and we haven't sat out in the garden into the evening once!

Cellardoor23 Tue 09-Aug-16 21:58:59

I think this ever changing weather has made me ill. The past few weeks I've felt so light headed in guessing it's something to do with the heat. Then it's windy/cold, then boiling again. I think the most mental weather i have seen was a few months back when it was sunny and snowing at the same time! Honestly you could walk around in a t-shirt in the snow!

BakewellSliceAgain Wed 10-Aug-16 08:45:34

Op Right now I say this every day..

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