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HELP! Accommodation Isles Harris or Lewis

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HarrietSchulenberg Sun 07-Aug-16 17:07:03

We are meant to be camping on Harris but can't put tents up due to tonight's storms.
Has anyone local got any suggestions where 2 adults, 5 teenagers and a 9 year old could stay tonight until the wind drops enough for us to camp again tomorrow?
Looking for bothy, hostel or just a big, dry shed. Need to cook and sleep.
Hotels and hostels all full so any insider knowledge very gratefully received.

prettybird Sun 07-Aug-16 17:52:34

I'd have suggested a MNer who has a home on Harris - but I happen to know that she's just gone up there for a week.

I'll try DMIng her to see if she's got any suggestions.

prettybird Sun 07-Aug-16 17:59:19

I've messaged her but I noticed the last time she was active on FB was a day ago (she is on holiday after all wink) so she might not see it.

Hope you get sorted!

HarrietSchulenberg Thu 11-Aug-16 12:40:19

Hi Prettybird. Thank you for this. Back home now but we did get sorted, found a fabulous bunkhouse at Leverburgh which fitted all 8 of us in, and went on to camp again next day.
Harris and Lewis are utterly beautiful and we'd go back in a heartbeat.

prettybird Thu 11-Aug-16 12:54:49

Glad you got sorted! smile

Think she was off-line until at least Tuesday so by the time she'd have seen it, it would have been too late.

weegiemum Thu 11-Aug-16 20:30:58

I could see this on Tuesday but bandwidth was so small i couldn't reply - we were in Harris and you'd have been more than welcome to our lounge floor if required. Glad you got sorted anyway!
Glad you enjoyed it - we lived there for 10 years and go back as often as we can, so if you ever go back, let us know!

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