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Selling property in Dundee

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FinderofNeedles Wed 06-Jul-16 18:33:55

We have a property to sell in Dundee. We are in Scotland (so we know the system) but don't stay locally and have had no contact with any solicitors in the area. TSPC seems to be the place to look when buying.

Do we have to instruct a firm of solicitors first? I've spotted 3-4 selling the type of property we have. Do I just ring round them and ask for their fees?

Will the solicitors arrange a survey or do we have to sort that separately?

Ideally we want to arrange for someone to carry out viewings for us as well. Again, is that something I would have to check?

All pointers welcome!

wibblewobble8 Wed 06-Jul-16 23:43:41

you will need a home report (as opposed to a survey). you can instruct this yourself (j & e Shepherds are good) or you can go direct to a solicitor who will arrange this for you. Then I would instruct a solicitor with an estate agency dept (id suggest thorntons/blackadders as the bigger firms but they are pricier imo). Dont go with an estate agent (as in not solicitors) as they will be unable to put your property on TSPC. Actually if you go onto TSPC you will find a list of all the solicitors in Dundee able to sell your property. You could send an email round the various solicitors and most of them will be able to do unaccompanied viewings (but again this will be reflected in the price). I dont know of any solicitors better than the others for estate agency so prob best ringing/emailing around for a price.

FinderofNeedles Thu 07-Jul-16 22:03:38

Thanks wibble, some good tips there! I'll start emailing the ones who have similar properties on their books.

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