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C of E levels question: P1

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PresidentCJCregg Mon 27-Jun-16 19:12:39

Just looking at my daughters report card and everything is at 'Early Secure' level except for writing, which is '1st Developing'.

Her teacher said her writing was really good and anecdotally I think she's doing quite well with writing compared to peers.

I don't know if the comments at Parents Night and the level on the report card match up.

Anyone knowledgable out there please? smile

Euphemia Mon 27-Jun-16 21:16:14

Early Level is to the end of P1 then they go on to First Level. The progression within each level goes Developing, Consolidating, Secure, so your DD is further on with Writing than she is with everything else.

Does that make sense?! grin

PresidentCJCregg Mon 27-Jun-16 21:39:42

Ha, so I had it backwards! I did try googling but couldn't find a clear explanation.

Yes that makes absolute sense now I see it the right way round. Thank you so much!

nothingtodotoday Wed 29-Jun-16 20:30:14

Yes, Euphemia is correct. She is working at P2 level in writing and is in exactly the right place for the rest of the curriculum.

PresidentCJCregg Wed 29-Jun-16 21:33:19

Thank you so much lovely Scottish MNers. smile

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