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Is the Named person for 2 yr olds their HV?

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MatthewWrightResearch Thu 16-Jun-16 21:06:59

I'm just filling in my 2.5yr olds nursery application, there is a section on who her Named Person is.....I have no idea so I'm assuming it's her HV?? I don't even know the HV name's and I've flicked thru her red book a few times.

MrsAmaretto Thu 16-Jun-16 23:31:24

Yes it'll be the health visitor, then from P1 onwards the headteacher

MatthewWrightResearch Fri 17-Jun-16 10:15:02

Thanks! I'm not entirely sure what this named person thing is all about so I'll need to give it a Google later. My HV last saw my DD when she was 16 weeks old.

LunaLoveg00d Sat 18-Jun-16 09:40:48

I would just put "health visitor attached to X GP practice" on the form.

Hate the named person scheme, it's crap.

cakeycakeface Sun 19-Jun-16 18:21:07

You really should Google it because, as Luna said, it's crap. IMO.

peggyundercrackers Sat 25-Jun-16 20:33:32

Seriously you haven't heard of the named person? Have a read of this stuff

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