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University of Aberdeen

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MatthewWrightResearch Sun 24-Apr-16 16:51:02

What would be the best hotel to book into that's close to University of Aberdeen? My DD will be starting at the uni this year so we're looking to go and spend a long weekend getting a feel for the area.

readsalotgirl63 Sun 24-Apr-16 18:40:37

Is it Aberdeen Uni or RGU ? Aberdeen campus is in Old Aberdeen which is fairly close to city centre. Will you be driving or using public transport ? There is a Jury's next to the train station and Union Square which is the newest shopping centre with cinema,shops and restaurants. Others near there are Carmelite and Soprano. On Union Street there is a Travelodge and there is a Holiday Inn just off Union Street. There are also some nice guest houses not far from the station in the Ferryhill area. Hope that helps.

sodabreadjam Sun 24-Apr-16 19:02:09

An alternative to a hotel would be an apartment. Aberdeen has lots of short-stay apartment complexes.

This week I stayed in the Hansen Galleria - three of us in a two bedroom apartment for around £95 per night. Nice to have a fully fitted kitchen to make coffee and snacks and a living room to relax. One bedroom apartments are obviously less expensive. It is in a street that runs parallel to Union Street - Aberdeen's main street - and about 10 minutes from the university by bus.

It was excellent - I could really recommend it.

There are many similar apartment complexes.

MatthewWrightResearch Sun 24-Apr-16 21:24:48

Thanks for replying, I am driving to Aberdeen but going to try and walk around as much as possible so my DD can get used to the area/public transport etc.

Its Aberdeen uni, her friend is going to RGU....are they within walking distance to each other? I've got a feeling my DD will be very homesick so if the 2 uni's are within easy reach to each other at least my dd and her friend can meet up on the weekends.

sodabreadjam Sun 24-Apr-16 22:24:04

The Robert Gordon campus is in the south of Aberdeen.

University of Aberdeen has several campuses but the main one is north of the centre - depends on subject studied.

readsalotgirl63 Sun 24-Apr-16 23:03:12

As sodabread says RGU campus is just south of the River Dee whiel Aberdeen Uni campus is north of thecity centre. However Aberdeen is not a huge city and the centre is easily accessible from both campuses. I'm assuming your DD and ehr friend will both be in halls - do you know which ones . Some of the Aberdeen Uni ones are out towards the north of the city near the River Don. There is a Holiday Inn Express at the Aberdeen Exhibition Centre (AECC) which might be a good bet as the parking will be easier and you'd be able to get a bus from there to King Street or on into the city centre.

musicalmama Sun 24-Apr-16 23:22:06

There's tonnes of b&bs on king street right next to the uni- I'd stay there over town centre of you will be spending time on the campus. Town centre is 20mins walk from main campus and RGU is a bus ride away. Definitely not walking distance.

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