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Primary Schools in Peebles

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honeebee Fri 01-Apr-16 15:48:08

Hello, I would appreciate any advice, my husband and I are thinking of moving from Edinburgh to Peebles, we have a 10 yr old son, he has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, however only very mild, he's not medicated, he need additional support with focusing on school work, however everything else is fine. Anyway as we are thinking of moving to Peebles, I wondered if anyone knew of what Primary school would be best and what they are like. Moving school is the only thing from stopping us from moving. Any advice would really be appreciated.

DisneySenior Sun 01-May-16 03:00:36

I live in peebles, are you still needing advice on schools? Anything else you would like to know?

honeebee Thu 05-May-16 19:25:32

Yes please any schooling advice would be much appreciated. smile

DisneySenior Thu 05-May-16 20:18:03

My DD goes to Kingsland and I have found it really good so far, the teachers and staff are really helpful and the class sizes aren't too big, they have a lot of composite classes though, i haven't found them an issue so far and DD has been in a composite class from day 1.

My friends son has ADHD and she can't praise the teaching assistants enough, her son is thriving and really enjoys himself which was an issue at their last school (not peebles)

I attended priorsford about 20 ish years ago and I have really fond memories of school, i can't comment on it now but it's expanded majorly and my friends dc are happy there. Halyrude is the smaller of the three schools but has a really good reputation for its learning support units. I cant really say much more because I personally don't know any dc there.

All schools have rugby/football/netball/hockey teams plus several non sporting clubs and reading clubs so there is something for everyone.

Even if the school you like is not in your catchment area, if there is space they will accommodate any child, i was slightly out the catchment area for Kingsland before i moved but DD got a place when I applied with no issue and several dc attend Kingsland from the other side of town abs neighbouring villages.

Hope this helped

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