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Buying a flat in Glasgow

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newyear16 Sat 19-Mar-16 16:18:37

We are planning to visit Glasgow fairly regularly (about once a month for long weekends and as a base for travelling) and thinking of buying a small flat of one or two bedrooms. I've seen some for about £50000 on Zoopla. Is that price too good to be true. We don't really know Glasgow so have no idea about areas.

ShutUpSirius Sat 19-Mar-16 16:29:35

What area in Glasgow?

ShutUpSirius Sat 19-Mar-16 16:30:38

Lots of good areas in Glasgow. Some not so good.

StylishDuck Sat 19-Mar-16 16:39:20

Definitely depends on the area. £50k is quite low I would say. I don't live in Glasgow though, I'm just outside the city.

AngelsWithFilthySouls Sat 19-Mar-16 16:40:14

What areas? £50k seems a bit too good to be true if you want a nicer area.

We are selling a 2 bed in EK (so outskirts of Glasgow) for £70k. Our actual house is near hampden (so closer to city) and these flats are anything from £60k - £80k at the moment depending on condition.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 19-Mar-16 16:42:20

I'd say that may be on the low side - can you link us to your possible and we can advise? <nosy>

SauvignonPlonker Sat 19-Mar-16 17:25:24

It does sound low <unhelpful>

What areas are you considering? You definitely wouldn't get anything decent in the west end for that price; possibly parts of the Southside but most likely East End.

Glasgow has some nice bits and some not-so-nice bits.

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 19-Mar-16 23:33:09

At that price I'd say there's something very wrong with the flat or the area.

newyear16 Sun 20-Mar-16 17:40:00

Thanks ll for your comments. I think you may well be right although there are some properties on Zoopla for £50-60 thousand in Ibrox and some other places. I don't know Glasgow at all so when we go there next month I'll have a good look round

TheTroubleWithAngels Sun 20-Mar-16 18:34:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 20-Mar-16 19:38:09

There's a great climbing centre in Ibrox....

Makemineacabsauv Sun 20-Mar-16 19:46:05

Ummm... £50k for a flat in a major city is cheap and I agree with a pp about Ibrox being a bit errm, 'vibrant'! You'd need to be outside the city to be in a good area for that price. I live 1 hour drive/20-40 mins on train from Glasgow city centre and a nice 2 bed place is nearer £90k. Might be worth looking at the west coast as you can be 30 mins by train/car from airport from Glasgow and scenery is breathtaking. You'd have access to a few islands and the cowal peninsula.

RJnomore1 Sun 20-Mar-16 19:59:02

Ibrox is certainly an area with great character 😁

newyear16 Sun 20-Mar-16 20:03:16

Ok Ibrox is a no-no then grin

prettybird Sun 20-Mar-16 20:45:54

Bits of Ibrox are improving. With the new Southern and the BBC, there is potential - although at £50k, I'd be doubtful it was in one of those areas (unless it was an auction/distressed sale).

It also has the advantage of being on the Subway, so you can get into town/the West End easily! grin

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 20-Mar-16 20:45:57

What is it you are looking for in your flat? Does it have to be in the actual city? If you give us some ideas of your needs/wants and budget I'm sure some of us would be happy to scour right move for you grin

Olddear Sun 20-Mar-16 20:47:32

Very vibrant every second Saturday I believe (if you follow, follow me)

prettybird Sun 20-Mar-16 20:52:30

Indeed. But there are still parts that are not so affected.

TheTroubleWithAngels Sun 20-Mar-16 21:43:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Olddear Sun 20-Mar-16 22:09:31


Tabsicle Sun 20-Mar-16 22:27:21

I think that £50k is very cheap. I've just been house hunting in Glasgow, and I'd say that you'd be starting around £90k-£100k for a nice two bed in a decent area. What kind of area would you be looking for? Very happy to poke I still have it on my favourites list. wink

prettybird Sun 20-Mar-16 22:38:02

Agree: happy to help explore Rightmove etc.

Last time I did that for a MNer, I mentioned one of the houses/flats (a conversion) to one of my friends. He ended up buying it! smile

newyear16 Mon 21-Mar-16 13:42:53

Tanks all for your help but I'm giving up on the idea for now. I'm going up to Glasgow in about a month's time and I'll have a good look around myself

Borderterrierpuppy Mon 21-Mar-16 13:51:06

Hi Op have you had a look at airbnb ? They have lots of nice properties in Glasgow and if you are visiting regularly find one you like and keep booking it.

AyeAmarok Mon 21-Mar-16 14:17:33 Here's an OK one in Finnieston (near all the good restaurants, the Hydro and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and park). Also short walk to City centre and West End. 90k

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