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Higher Human Biology

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IndigoApple Wed 02-Mar-16 20:27:39

Does anyone have any info about Higher Human Biology?

DD is in S4 and choosing Highers just now. She wants a career in medicine or a related field and wants to do Human Biology rather than straight Biology as she is 'not interested in plants'. This makes sense I think, but she's been told that the school don't do advanced Higher Human Biology for S6 and that she'd need to crash the regular Biology advanced Higher. Is this a sensible choice for her? Not sure how much crossover there is. I'd appreciate any advice, thanks.

Lightbulbon Thu 03-Mar-16 07:29:44

She needs to read the Uni prospectuses pages on medical school entrance requirements.

Surprisingly chemistry and physics are more important to take in s5.

Then she can take ah chemistry and h biology in s6.

She'll also need straight A's and some good medical work experience.

IndigoApple Mon 07-Mar-16 07:20:50

Thanks for replying, lightbulb. DD is also taking Higher physics and chemistry but I was wondering about the pros and cons of human biology v straight biology. I'm aware of the need for straight As, and I'm not sure if DD will be able to achieve this, so we are also looking at related careers.

Any recommendations on the best way to seek professional careers advice? The school doesn't seem great at that. Massive queues to see advisor at parents' night and didn't want to risk not seeing her subject teachers.

cdtaylornats Mon 07-Mar-16 07:37:25

Does your medical practice have a recently qualified doctor - she could talk to them. Or she could write to one of the medical schools and ask to be put in touch with a lecturer or student. Or a local hospital HR department and ask about various careers and volunteer jobs.

I am sure any of them would be helpful, for no other reason than it being a break from their normal day and interacting with someone keen is pleasant.

RebootYourEngine Mon 07-Mar-16 07:55:02

Could she do higher human biology at a local college?

Our local secondary school works closely with the college. If the school dont offer a course students can study it at college during their school day. Or could she finish s6 and then do human biology the following year at college. If she really wants to do that Higher.

I would contact Uni's and ask about entry requirements.

dotdotdotmustdash Thu 24-Mar-16 16:26:45

I know this thread is a couple of weeks old, but I presume you've found out by now that there is no Advanced Higher Human Biology, just Higher Biology. I believe it's perfectly possible to move onto AH Biology from H Human Bio and many students do fine with just a bit of extra reading about plants.

dotdotdotmustdash Thu 24-Mar-16 16:27:05

*Just Advanced Higher Biology

IndigoApple Mon 28-Mar-16 20:41:26

Thanks for all replies. Currently exploring options for work experience.

dotdot No, I did not know there was no AH Human Biology. Interesting. DD said her school didn't do it and I'd just assumed it was due to lack of pupil numbers or something. I think she will do the Higher then see next year if she wants to do AH Biology. I have to say 'extra reading about plants' made me giggle for some reason grin. I've a degree in Biology myself but don't remember much botany...

Thank you!

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