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If you live in Glasgow / Edinburgh, have you visited the othe one?

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AgentProvocateur Sun 17-Jan-16 14:02:17

DS has a friend round who's never been to Edinburgh, and isn't fussed about going. I find it a bit sad that an adult (no money issues) can be so insular.

Shenanagins Sun 17-Jan-16 14:04:13

That is sad, both are amazing cities but obviously one is better than the other wink!

SenecaFalls Sun 17-Jan-16 14:07:20

I have lived in Edinburgh, and visited Glasgow (mostly return day trips) fairly often. I'm American though so I went all over Scotland to see as much as I could while I was there.

tabulahrasa Sun 17-Jan-16 14:10:58

I'm just outside Edinburgh, I go to Edinburgh more because it's closer, but yes I go to Glasgow and Stirling fairly often.

I know people who live where I do though and literally go nowhere, ever, were born here, work here and go on holiday to Seton Sands...and it's the furthest they've ever been.

T'is odd.

sleepyhead Sun 17-Jan-16 14:15:20

I've got family in Edinburgh so I know the M8 very, very well. Having said that, growing up I only visited Glasgow a couple of times that I can remember (for the Garden Festival & to visit the Burrell when it opened).

Behooven Sun 17-Jan-16 14:20:40

Yes, a lot.

AyeAmarok Sun 17-Jan-16 14:20:43

How strange. I'm on the Glasgow side and think Glasgow is a much better city, but I do go to Edinburgh occasionally. Why would you not? You won't catch something!

ExasperatedAlmostAlways Sun 17-Jan-16 14:22:22

I live in Ayrshire just home from Edinburgh just now. Was in Glasgow yday then on to Edinburgh to stay at my brothers. Use to live in Edinburgh at uni and been to both loads. Hes the one that's missing out. I love Edinburgh.

originalmavis Sun 17-Jan-16 14:22:55

Is it just a Glasgow/Edinburgh thing?

TheTroubleWithAngels Sun 17-Jan-16 14:43:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

perpetuallybewildered Sun 17-Jan-16 14:46:35

Both great cities, each with different things to offer, I live slightly closer to Glasgow and go there more often but do visit Edinburgh every couple of months or so.

Groovee Sun 17-Jan-16 14:49:29

Live in Edinburgh go through to Glasgow to meet friends. Love Stirling too. Visit Falkirk and Livingston a lot and love visiting Fife too. Would like to go further up north too.

Feeches Sun 17-Jan-16 15:00:33

I'm a Glaswegian who moved to Edinburgh some years ago. I had only visited a couple of times as a kid prior to that. I love it now but Glasgow will always be home.

mayaknew Sun 17-Jan-16 15:04:18

I'm from outside glasgow. I've been to Edinburgh a few times but only for shows at the playhouse and the zoo. I've never actually been sightseeing in the city. I do want to do this though and will at some point.

RumAppleGinger Sun 17-Jan-16 15:06:00

I grew up in edinburgh and would visit Glasgow almost weekly in my twenties for gigs. I now live in Fife, work in Edinburgh and still visit Glasgow fairly regularly for the music scene.

weebarra Sun 17-Jan-16 15:12:05

I grew up just outside Glasgow and moved to Edinburgh for uni. We live just outside Edinburgh now, and I work there but my parents still live in Glasgow. I know both cities well and they have different things to offer!

SenecaFalls Sun 17-Jan-16 16:09:01

I love them both. Edinburgh is my favorite city in the world (not that I have visited all of them, by any means) and Glasgow is the friendliest city in the UK. tbsmile

AgentProvocateur Sun 17-Jan-16 16:35:27

Yes, I'm in glasgow but go to Edinburgh every couple of months (and more regularly for work) but when the DC were smaller, we'd take them through. It's, what, £12 return off peak and weekends? I can't understand why you wouldn't visit for a day out. Agree that they're both lovely cities, but have different things to offer.

HMF1 Sun 17-Jan-16 20:11:13

I live in Ayrshire & work in Glasgow (used to live there), I love Glasgow brilliant, creative friendly city. But I also love Edinburgh & visit regularly, why wouldn't you it has one of the world's greatest arts festivals interesting village areas & fabulous galleries (also DS1 has just started uni there). It's the bit in between I don't know. Living in Scotland's central belt we have 2 fantastic cities on our doorstep, why limit yourself to just one.

AgentCooper Sun 17-Jan-16 20:14:08

That is odd. I've lived in Glasgow my whole life and go to Edinburgh plenty of times a year. The two are so different, it's kind of like going on holiday!

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Sun 17-Jan-16 20:16:12

I'm in Glasgow but love visiting Edinburgh - totally different vibe from Glasgow & loads to do. I take DD through for a visit most years to see a show at the fringe, and we usually spend time at the National Museum of Scotland. Tbf we've gone all over Scotland visiting but it's quick & easy by train whereas everywhere else I'll drive. I did once try to drive to Edinburgh but got lost do I've never tried it since.

Pyjamaface Sun 17-Jan-16 20:23:29

I used to live in West Lothian and would go to both cities fairly regularly, prefer Edinburgh but Glasgow has a whole different feel to it. I now live in Norfolk and I'm off to Glasgow in the morning for a gig.

Lots of people I knew in West Lothian would go to neither even though there are trains and buses all day every day, or they could drive themselves. The thought of going anywhere other than Livingston just didn't occur to them

cdtaylornats Sun 17-Jan-16 21:38:38

I've been to Livingston, I just assumed they didn't let the natives leave.

Pyjamaface Sun 17-Jan-16 21:43:11

To be fair, they do sometimes go as far as Bathgate

badg3r Sun 17-Jan-16 21:53:24

I grew up 20 mins from Edinburgh on the train. I worked with a lady who, in her mid 30s, had never even been to Edinburgh. She didn't think she'd like cities so had never been to any. She was perfectly lovely, just no inclination to travel!

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