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Notre Dame High School

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dancemom Sun 11-Oct-15 14:58:25

Does anyone have any experience of this school?

Positive or negative?

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Sun 11-Oct-15 15:08:29

You might have to be specific as to which school. I, for one, know at least one school of the same name NOT in Scotland!

dancemom Sun 11-Oct-15 20:28:19

Sorry I meant in Glasgow

prettybird Mon 12-Oct-15 10:41:53

I think there was a thread recently (within the last 6 months) - it might have been in the Mumsnet -Local Glasgow board. But because I'm using the App, I can't even see the Local Boards sad, nor can I do a search to try to find the thread. hmm

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