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Orkney primary schools

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JE678 Sun 11-Oct-15 14:37:17

We are moving to Orkney to be closer to family after my dh got very sick and are just trying to narrow down our area search. We have 2 ds, one who is very bright and one who is very sporty. Can anyone recommend good primary schools on Orkney as it may help us narrow our search? We have asked family and had a few recommendations but it would be good to hear from others too. We would ideally like to be in the catchment for Kirkwall Grammar for high school so ds1 can be with his cousins but we're finding choosing a primary tougher. TIA

jessicacornthwaite76 Wed 06-Jan-16 14:05:06

I have heard that Evie Primary is good. My family and I are also looking at moving to Orkney within the next year and would like to be in the Kirkwall Grammar catchment for when my now 4 year old son leaves primary. Do you have any areas in mind?

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