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Reasonably priced eateries in Glasgow for dd and I shopping.

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Baconyum Sat 12-Sep-15 02:03:15

Popping up to Glasgow for a bit of shopping as where we are is shit can anyone recommend somewhere OK priced for me and 14 yr old dd to eat? Dd not a fan of anything too spicy but likes Japanese and Chinese not so keen on Indian or Thai. We live on Italian so a change from that please. Also <ducks> I'm veggie. Tries wagamama last time wasn't impressed. Normal dishes enjoyed too. Aside from the veggie thing I'm quite adventurous, dd not so much.

City centre mainly argyle St/Buchanan St/sauchiehall St and offshoots.

Really don't wanna do McDonald's/pizza hut/subway! We seem to end up doing this or I end up somewhere more expensive than I'd like.


Groovee Sat 12-Sep-15 20:17:50

My dd likes Ed's diner. She gets me to save up 20p's for the juke box

HMF1 Sat 12-Sep-15 20:32:08

My Ds all love Five Guys on St Vincent St on St Vincent place near Geore Square there is Cafe Andaluz a tapas place which is really good. I haven't been in but Riverhill restaurant on West Nile St gets good reviews. The Cafe Gandolfi is good but a little pricey maybe. There are some good Italians & I would particularly recommend The Italian Cafe which does Italian small plates & lots of wine by the glass. Also if coffee & cake are your thing then Once Upon A Tart is fab it's in the Merchant City just off Argyle St.

Groovee Sat 12-Sep-15 21:47:21

The only issue I have with five guys is if anyone has a peanut allergy, their fries are not suitable. Only go when ds isn't with us x

HMF1 Sat 12-Sep-15 22:00:17

I didn't know they were, but that isn't an issue for my lot, their fries are good though, but I think they are expensive for a burger joint, so it is a very occasional treat.

Baconyum Sat 12-Sep-15 22:57:24

Yea not keen on 5 guys expensive for what it is imho, plus V Ltd for veggies. Also NOT Italian as we're always having that sorry hmf1 but thanks for posting anyway.

Mrsjayy Thu 17-Sep-15 08:56:19

Counting house its across from george square its a weatherspoons but its nice its next door to a greek reasturant called ellas, me and dd always go there

Mrsjayy Thu 17-Sep-15 09:00:06

Oh misread it was saturday you were going where did you end up

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