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In reception in England but too young for P1

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cairnterrier Mon 13-Jul-15 06:15:34

My dc2 is an April baby. We are moving from England to Scotland sometime in the next year. If we're still in England then he will start reception in sept 2016 but wouldn't be due to start in Scotland until August 2017.

Does anyone know what would happen if we move after he's started school but would be too young in Scotland?

diploddycus Mon 13-Jul-15 06:27:46

He could go to a pre-school or nursery. I don't know if he'd be allowed to start early. Could you not send him to school in England? (am I right in saying he'll be under 5?) If you're worried about him going from full time school to nothing for a few months.

TheTroubleWithAngels Mon 13-Jul-15 15:23:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ttlshiwwya Mon 13-Jul-15 15:33:10

I used to help out at my DCs primary school (state school South Lanarkshire) and they did interviews for one or two kids for early entry each year. Usually they were kids we just missed the 1st March cut-off for school. My DD (now at secondary) has a friend who was accepted for early entry (March birthday).

However all 3 of my DC are amongst the eldest in their years and they've found it to their advantage. My DD (born 6 weeks early in February) had an extra year at nursery which she thoroughly enjoyed - wasn't bored (learned lots in that year e.g. how to swim, ride a two wheeler and a little bit of reading and writing). Hence I'm a big fan of starting later than earlier particularly as a teacher friend once said to me that you never regret a later start but sometimes regret an early start (and sometimes the regret is later at starting/leaving secondary). However saying that my DDs friend is doing well so for her it was a good decision.

Oakmaiden Mon 13-Jul-15 15:48:41

Of course, your child doesn't need to start school in England until the term after he turns 5 - which depending on his birthday may be either april 17 or September 17. So if you are definitely going to Scotland you could just keep him at home and send him to school when he reaches the right age in Scotland?

WankerDeAsalWipe Mon 13-Jul-15 17:50:46

This happened with my niece - she started reception in England, moved to Scotland went into pre school for 6 months and then started school.

She seemed to survive smile

Almostfifty Mon 13-Jul-15 18:13:11

Depends where you move to. Some schools will allow it, others won't.

museumum Mon 13-Jul-15 18:16:02

Would you want him to start early and be youngest by quite a bit? Most parents wouldn't.

I'd put him in pre-school with his age group. It will make the move easier to deal with overall as pre-school is a bit less demanding but they can still learn if they're keen. The curriculum in Scotland starts age 3 in preschool and 15hrs a week are govt funded.

cairnterrier Mon 13-Jul-15 22:05:59

Thanks everyone. Fingers crossed we move before it's an issue! I think I'd lean towards start reception then preschool in Scotland and start P1. He'd be so sad if all his friends started school in England and he was left behind in preschool awaiting the move.

It will be different once we move and he's with his peers in preschool.

Thanks again for all your help.

WankerDeAsalWipe Mon 13-Jul-15 22:25:46

That's exactly what I would do smile

OOAOML Tue 14-Jul-15 20:25:43

We know someone who had to move for a while and their daughter went from Scottish nursery to English reception then back again and was fine. Preschool nursery is very learning through play.

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