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so police scotland got it so wrong

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nooddsocksforme Fri 10-Jul-15 22:20:39

i feel devastated for the family of the 2 car crash victims inStirling who were not found for 3 days. If it was my family I would be livid. But I work in the NHS and sometimes if I make a mistake it is life threatening. The police on this occasion clearly messed it up but can anyone say in their job that they have never made a mistake or forgotten to do something. It may just have not had such a terrible result

AgentProvocateur Fri 10-Jul-15 22:28:22

It's tragic. But it has been a mistake, albeit one with devastating consequences. DH and I were talking about it earlier. I made a massive cock-up at work recently, but the only consequence was a missed deadline.

I feel desperately sorry for the "very experienced officer" who didn't log it.

nooddsocksforme Fri 10-Jul-15 22:46:41

me too . its probably wrecked his life -if its anything like what I see folk going through at my own work when something goes badly

AyeAmarok Fri 10-Jul-15 23:25:45

It's terrible. I don't think the family could ever get over it. Feel awful for the person who made the mistake too.

I'm surprised that sort of thing can happen TBH. You'd think the system would keep flagging it up until someone took action.

BlueThursday Fri 10-Jul-15 23:37:22

101 is turning into NHS 24 all call centre like.

I bet there's targets on call times, numbers of unanswered calls etc

If it's anything like the system my work use I bet the call was taken and another came through before the handler had a chance to go "not ready"

Sad all round, hope it gives a focus to the 101 system to make sure it can't happen again

romeomorningwhisky Fri 10-Jul-15 23:46:26

Can't stop thinking about this.
It's just so sad.
Looks like an admin error & yeah we are all human & make mistakes but the consequences of this one.
Feel gutted for all involved, both families & the staff directly involved.

SantanaLopez Sat 11-Jul-15 14:38:16

It's horrifying.

I can't say I'm surprised though. I was on Royston Road a few months ago and there was an accident. I stopped and phoned 999 and the operator told me she didn't know where that was!

AyeAmarok Sun 12-Jul-15 10:35:24

It's just been on the BBC news that the lady has died.

Feel terrible for everyone involved, a real needless tragedy.

MythicalKings Sun 12-Jul-15 10:41:20

Awful. That poor family.

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