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Removal from Stirling to Edinburgh area? Any recommendations pls?

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iHAVEtogetoutofhere Sun 31-May-15 16:12:13

I need to move a table and chairs and a small dresser from Stirling to Midlothian.

Can anyone recommend a cheap and trustworthy way?


WankerDeAsalWipe Sun 31-May-15 21:18:50

There are various "man with a van" places on Facebook selling pages for Stirling etc - might be worth a look or posting on one and someone will recommend smile

iHAVEtogetoutofhere Sun 31-May-15 21:20:22

Ah, good idea!
I'm not very au fait with Facebook, but I might just need to join.
<dragsselfinto21stC> grin

WankerDeAsalWipe Sun 31-May-15 21:47:04

ha ha you might get hooked - some of the posts are really funny smile

cdtaylornats Wed 03-Jun-15 09:55:31

Just google "stirling man with a van" you will get half a dozen

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