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Climate change and the future lives of our kids?

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Amibambini Tue 30-Jul-13 13:33:39

So I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant.

My partner and I are both scientifically literate people, have an interest in geo-politics and generally keep abreast of what's going on out there in the big wide world, as do most of the people we mix with. The general consensus is that shit does not look good, as in, in 30+ years it's highly likely that we and our kids are not going to be having the same lifestyle as our parents are enjoying now. Climate change and resource scarcity coupled with population pressures and probable changes in energy sourcing and usage, is going to make it hard going for a sizable proportion of the globe's population. We will probably/hopefully be cushioned from the worst of it, by the luck of being born into a wealthy, developed society in a temperate zone.. but I still feel it's going to be a very different, less secure world for us all.

For quite some time my quite pessimistic view on the future of humanity kept me away from the idea of bringing a child into the world.. but biology, a loving partnership, my age conspired against that. After a lot of thought and some long conversations.. we came to the conclusion that, yes, shit is going to get real, but humanity is pretty tenacious and creative, and we don't think it's going to be so catastrophic that total collapse happens in the near future. My feelings are that things are going to be harder and unimaginably different, but the future will need awesome, intelligent, creative, resilient humans to help deal with it. And of course that's what my 17 week old little butter bean will be! smile

However all this is hardly a topic that people like to speak about openly. Understandably, it's a bit of a dinner party mood killer. But I am curious to know if there are many other parents out there that think about the future ramifications of climate change on our children's lives? And if so, what, if any, kind of affect will it have on how you raise your kids?

(Can I politely request that if you do reply, we keep the chat to the topic. This really isn't a conversation about whether climate change is happening or not, or caused by humans or the Daily Mail says we are entering an Ice Age blah blah spurious blah. Thanks!).

ModeratelyObvious Sun 08-Sep-13 00:57:38

Hi Ami

I did worry about this in my 20s. I've got two kids now and I do worry about it a bit, but I agree that humans are tenacious and so the species will survive.

Ds1 is more Eco than me - turns off lights after me etc - they are big on it at school.

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