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The school holiday problem

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Lilaclion Thu 20-May-10 22:38:46

I wish the authorities would change the school holiday system so we weren't all forced to pay stupid money for our annual jollies. I know it's an age old problem that we have all moaned about for years, so why does it never get fully addressed?

My proposal would be to shorten the summer holidays to four weeks and allow each pupil to have ten Lieu days a year, the form teacher would have to authorise the lieu days to ensure that the holidays were not taken during exam time for example, but otherwise they'd be able to use the holidays when needed through-out the terms, maybe for the odd day out here and there or used all at once for a two week holiday.

Well I think it's a good idea....what do you think?

Panzee Fri 11-Feb-11 21:30:55

Agent we'd be a lot more expensive if you didn't let us have the holidays! A lot of our work is done then.

ramonaquimby Fri 11-Feb-11 21:32:56

agent4change, change the record please
we don't get paid for our holidays

pointydog Fri 11-Feb-11 21:45:22

It never gets fully adressed because private companies are free to charge whatever someone will pay, whether wholly willingly or not. So there has to be a better reason to bugger about with school terms than trying to escape the natural workings of a capitalist socuety.

Poogles Fri 11-Feb-11 21:52:43

The system does need a review as if was created in a bygone age - autumn half term to help with harvest etc. Unfortunately whatever they come up with won't suit all.

I think the only way to reduce prices would be to stagger, although if could also just increase prices year round!

pointydog Fri 11-Feb-11 21:59:23

It could do with a review but not primarily so that people can get cheaper hols.

titaniamalaka Sun 13-Feb-11 10:50:34

As a teacher i can assure you that my class, i and other teachers fully desrve the 13 weeks holiday. I love my job but i and other teachers i know am in work daily from 7am to 6pm, i then work at home for say 2 hrs almost every evening and spend most of my weekends marking / planning. Not forgetting it's 5 years full time training to earn under 30k.

Walk a mile i would say and respect each others professions, My mum is a nurse, she says she couldn't be a teacher as there are no shifts, we are constantly judged and forget time off sick. For some unknown reason, teachers are incredibly undervalued particularly in the public school arena. Yes there are other professions that are as undervalued as teachers (social workers, firemen etc.) but that doesn't make it ok just means that overall there is a problem.

I can tell you that we are one week away from half term now and my class are exhausted, they need their half term, to spend time with their parents and have a break. It's so incredibly pressurised for them. Further, i have to say as a parent and a teacher that school is not there to provide childcare for parents. That said i agree that the times could change 7 week terms are too long, especially for little ones (this is when imost commonly see behaviour issues and tears) and 6 week holidays are too. Same number of weeks but shorter terms i say.

NormanTheForeman Sun 13-Feb-11 11:00:02

The answer is to move to Scotland - their summer holidays start earlier and they go back in August. I would then book my holiday in the first part of the summer holidays (before the English/Welsh schools break up and the prices rocket).

titaniamalaka Sun 13-Feb-11 11:08:47

Hmm, Scotland here i come!

Salsamchar Sun 20-Feb-11 10:33:59

Surely the issue here is the holiday companies exploiting us because they know they can.....

I had heard rumour of a website that linked holiday providers that had undertaken not to increase prices in holiday times, but haven't been able to find it.

Does anyone know of this?

zoekinson Mon 21-Feb-11 23:07:07

Iam glad that non of this will effect me, dd will be educated at home so we can go where we like when we like. I must say when i was at school at leat 1/2 the kids took time off every year to go on holliday and no one made a big deal about it. it is only in the past 10-15 years that its been seen as a problem, all to do with the standadisation of children.

echt Wed 20-Apr-11 23:35:40

As a teacher, I have no beef with parents taking holidays; I just resent their expecting me to run around designing special work for their child.

On the other hand, for the first time in more than thirty years of teaching, I had such holiday homework actually done a couple of weeks ago, and done well.

My daughter's school in Oz has the right idea; take your child out by all means, but don't ask for work, because you won't get it.

If a child misses an external exam (coursework), they can only sit for a pass, and get no mark.

Fair enough, I'd say; and puts the responsibility back where it belongs.

southofthethames Sat 14-May-11 02:45:29

We should stop taking potshots at teachers. The point of OP's post is about costs.

A few suggestions here: 1) if you don't book packages with holiday companies but directly with airline and hotel, you will often find that they don't change prices with school term dates, if anything probably just major bank holidays like Christmas and Good Friday. Shop around. You can find so much on the web. I haven't used a travel agent in a decade. 2) Venues that cater to families on school holidays will hike prices (the CenterParcs kind, or resorts with a kids club) - try thinking outside the box and taking a different sort of holiday - I never went on that sort of holiday as a child at all, and still loved the ones my parents hose. Taking canal trips, seeing mountains, visiting monuments and museums were pretty exciting as they were a novelty. 3) A much better idea would be for different schools to stagger term dates (you already see this in independent vs state schools) would also help with things like traffic, crowds in shoe shops and soft play areas! Of course, GCSE, AS and A levels and SATS dates will have to be standard. You'd really only be able to stagger it by a few days or a week.

I don't think giving parents a flexible ten days is a good idea - the range of lessons missed are not really logistically possible to replicate / catch up when a child comes back, eg if they miss practical work like science experiments, or lessons in a specialist subject like music. Then you get different pupils missing different subjects...the end result is that the pupils just lose out. It's different if you are just missing the last day of term or after exams, when there aren't a lot of new topics being taught.

HSMM Thu 19-May-11 08:21:25

I think they should shorten the school holidays by 3 weeks and make the half terms 2 weeks long. The holiday companies will still grab all our money, but at least we will have more choice about when to take holiday. I don't want to go away when we have lovely weather here in August!

AgentProvocateur Thu 19-May-11 08:42:57

Moving to Scotland is not the answer - holiday prices leaving from Scottish airports shhot up at the end of June, and stay high till the schools go back in august. The flight supplements can be hundreds of pounds per person in July. It's not a school issue - it's the greed of the tour operators that's an issue.

louisianablue2000 Sun 05-Jun-11 23:05:54

Personally I think schools should change to reflect the modern world, most parents work and long school holidays are a childcare nightmare. I think schools should be open every week but only for half a day. Teachers could do their prep in the afternoon. I guess a Christmas Holiday still makes sense. The point is that it should be regular so parents and employers don't have to fit round school holidays. As the OP suggested kids could have an annual leave allowance that has to be approved by the school, in the same way that adults have an annual leave allowance from their employer.

If teachers says kids are exhausted by the end of term, that suggests that something is wrong with the current system and it should be reviewed.

Borisismyhousespider Sun 05-Jun-11 23:21:09

Louisannablue2000, as in teach the kids from say 7 or 8-12 (kinda like Spain?) and then let them go home/to childcare, that would certainly make the day more reasonable for teachers and may well create more childcare jobs too! Totally agree that the holidays need to change 6 weeks in summer is too long, I'd prefer more 2-3 week holidays, a few years back west yorkshire did a trial 2 week spring break, it was great (from a parents point of view) as a working parent 6 weeks is too long to be messing about sorting childcare for, and not nice for my kids either.

t0lk13n Wed 22-Jun-11 22:29:41

Teachers themselves do not set the holidays.

sansae Thu 23-Jun-11 11:45:18

in my home country summer hols were 3 months .

yep 3 months.

ivykaty44 Thu 23-Jun-11 11:48:49

either shorten holidays to fall in line with the rest of the working world to 6 weeks or lengthen the working world annual leave to 12 weeks to fall in line with school

Bobo86 Tue 28-Jun-11 22:25:01

Teachers don't 'get away' with 12-13 weeks paid holdiay every year thank you! We work hard, just like lots of other people. However the difference is that I probably work damn more hours than you in a week, the difference is I have to do it at home, in what's supposed to be my time with my family. Yes, I chose to be a teacher. Yes, the regular a breaks are great and something which we all look forward to but I'm telling you now, me and every other teacher will spend hours of their holiday time preparing lessons, assessing chidren, catering for individualised learning which can be bloody difficult at times.
Teaching 30 kids every day and constantly having to change what and how we do things due to the government changing it's mind every 5 minutes makes our job very stressful thank you, as do the nitwits like you and your ignorant remarks.
Perhaps you should go and volunteet in your local school and help out, then you might see what teaching is like these days! Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

mumeeee Wed 29-Jun-11 13:27:16

Teachers salary is divided between 12 months. Teachers also do a lot of work at home in the evenings. Weekends and in the holidays and Don't . Get any extra pay. I know because DD1 is a teacher. She also went in to school in half term to run revision classes,

appplepie Wed 06-Jul-11 22:53:33

Woohooo - love a good bash the teacher thtread.


Holidays are for the students [who are children and entitled to holidays]. When do you think planning and stuff gets done? While your kids entertain themselves during lessons?!?!?

Anyway.... I have a plan..... so if I live in England but take my holidays in late August... but travel from Glasgow or Edinburgh????

Staggered holidays are crap. I worked part time in school and in 6th form with different holidays. Noone in local families, teachers, lovals folks in general liked it. What about local community events and stuff?

Its simple supply and demand. Flowers are more expensive at mothers day, chocolate eggs cost more per 100g than chocolate bars, you can;t buy tinsel in July....

In a weeks time I will be off for two whole weeks, the first time since this time last year. half terms are spent in class preparing, revising etc, Xmas is filled with concerts and marking courseowkr, march and june the same. A few weeks inJuly belongs to me.... I suspect this is the same for everyone?

appplepie Wed 06-Jul-11 22:54:58

I miss teachers TV

pinarollo Tue 16-Aug-11 15:54:13

This is a really important issue which comes up time and again. It is absolutely not anti-school, anti-education or anti-teacher. Far from it - teachers have often supported comments I have made.
Lets all work together to get this changed for the better...the key to change is for parents and teachers to work together to see if there is a better solution. I think this will involve an altering of the rules to allow term-time holidays within certain sensible limits.
To move this up the agenda, *please support my petition to the government* to sign up, but please forward the link to as many of your friends, colleagues as possible.
We can get this debated and make family life much better if there was moderate change.
Link here:


MugglesandLuna Wed 17-Aug-11 20:48:47

Nottingham LA are piloting a new holiday system, so that you have 4 weeks at summer, 2 in October and 2 in Feb iirc.

But it wont change anything. Travel companies will charge when people are not in school, they will adapt the price structure.

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