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Question about unauthorised absences for summer babies (YrR)

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NeverNic Wed 01-Jun-16 21:30:01

This is very much a hypothetical question. Does anyone know if a parent can be charged for unauthorised absences for out of term holidays taken by a 4yo? Not sure where the rules exist, considering legally (I think) they don't have to be in education until the term after they turn 5

AndNowItsSeven Wed 01-Jun-16 21:30:42

No you can't, children ncsa are listed on a separate register.

meditrina Wed 01-Jun-16 21:32:34

No, you cannot be fined (applies to compulsory school age only)

But if you choose to enrol before CSA they are expected to attend properly, so all other attendance management tools could be used.

NeverNic Wed 01-Jun-16 22:22:56

Great thank you.

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