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Stroud, Romsey vs Walhampton, Lymington. Can't decide.

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1stWorldProblems Sun 31-Jan-16 23:01:53

Am well aware this a completely privileged problem (hence the name change) but it's causing me & DH to row & losing me sleep so I'm after all the help I can get to try & resolve it one way or the other.

Looking for up to date opinions on Stroud School, Romsey & Walhampton, near Lymington please? We have the opportunity to move our two DD's to one or the other but my husband really likes one & I like the other so I'm hoping for some opinions that might help us decide either way.

1stWorldProblems Sun 31-Jan-16 23:09:41

Apologies - have posted this in completely the wrong thread. Bloody mobile phones!

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