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Switzerland- any top tips?

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mummymafia Fri 29-Jan-16 08:42:26

Hi. Thinking of going to Switzerland in the summer holidays. Possibly by train. Need to see friends in Zurich & Geneva. Any top tips? Where to stay, what to do? Things to see? We are fairly outdoorsy & active but not marathon runners! It'll 4 of us & dcs are dss aged 11 & 7. Thank you. smile

ExitPursuedByABear Fri 29-Jan-16 08:44:48

Definitely do train journeys whilst you are there. Interlaken is fabulous. Can catch the train up to Jungfrau. The Visit Switzerland website is good.

LIZS Fri 29-Jan-16 08:46:29

Stop off in the Bernese Oberland in between - Wengen, Grindelwald, Kandersteg - are all good all rounder resorts with mountain trains, cafes, walks for all levels , rugged scenery etc. also Lucerne is worth a stop - visit Engelberg if you want to see the glacier and sled, Mount Pilatus for the views and dry toboggan run, Rigi, transport museum.

LIZS Fri 29-Jan-16 08:48:06

LIZS Fri 29-Jan-16 09:03:58

You can buy train passes for specific time spans or so many journeys within a time span, which can save money overall and give discounts on some of the privately owned mountain train and lift systems, like the Jungfrau railway. Sbb is the national train operator and runs very efficiently.

mummymafia Fri 29-Jan-16 13:01:37

Thank you lovely people. Looks great. I will have a proper look later this eve. Pretty sure we will go now! thanks

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