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School Trip

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aaminahs Sat 30-May-15 16:13:24

DD1 has a school trip and it's to America it's about £2,000 I can afford but the problem is that I am scared of her injuring herself on the holiday. I have been worrying myself because I went on a lot of ski holidays and when I was at uni I broke my arm I really am concerned about her injuring herself. This is the first time she's been away for a full week from me normally her trips are 5 days long. Does anyone have any advice about handling these worries? x

Thank you x

RainbowFlutterby Sat 30-May-15 16:17:11

Unfortunately I have no advice, but I wanted to let you know that you're not alone. Every time DS goes on school residentials I can't relax, but he absolutely loves them! I suppose the big thing is to never let them know you're worrying. Easier said than done.

aaminahs Sat 30-May-15 16:21:50

Thank you I am excited for her, I don't let it show that I'm worried, when she was in year 3 I was worrying so much when she went to PGL. I'm going to try praying and giving her a long talk about safety. I went skiing in Austria at the same age as her and these boys nearly got themselves killed by fooling around and showing off- the main reason I am scared, if she starts to mess around and hurts herself. I would only blame myself she goes next feb, this october she's going to Italy it's sightseeing and geographical experiences so not as worried for that.

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