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School holidays for armed forces children

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Xmelwx1 Mon 26-May-14 17:00:39

Well my partner is in the armed forces and some1 said I would maybe be able to take my child out of school in school time for a holiday?? As any1 had to do this and if so what do I do? Thanks

meditrina Mon 26-May-14 17:05:47

The references you want are in the various documents about the military covenant. It is for when the serving partner returns from a major operational deployment and has fixed end-of-tour leave which does not fit with the school holidays.

You would ask the school to authorise the leave, giving the EOT date (easily verified by CO's letter if they're sticky about it) and proposed dates out of school. If it's a shorter absence (say major exercise for a couple of months) you will probably be OK for a day or two to meet them on their return.

Xmelwx1 Mon 26-May-14 17:10:28

Oh thanks that's real helpful :-)

auntpetunia Sun 26-Apr-15 10:09:59

As I understand it armed forces families are allowed holiday any time without fine, there is a section on the school computer to mark forces families. They are part of the exception group for authorising holidays.

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