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Feellikerubbish Mon 28-Apr-14 13:59:12

I am thinking of taking my kids to Lapland and the information out there is just overwhelming!

Is there one place to meet Santa in Lapland or other places up north to meet santa? Also wanted to see the Ice hotel and wondered if it's possible or too far apart?

Love to hear from people who have been and hear of your experience please.

sailorsgal Sun 11-May-14 20:43:36

you will find lots of threads in the travel section. We went with Thomson and had a fabulous time.

Hotdoggy Wed 04-Jun-14 00:32:04

Look up inghams Lapland trips. They are ok. Levi good, not too commercialised, Rovemi (apologies for spelling) is more commercialised.

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