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Eurocamps advice and reviews

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Diana1975 Thu 27-Feb-14 13:26:24

Hi, we are considering a holiday this year with 2 children under 4 and want it geared towards kids, the normal uk parks seem so expensive for a week stay but looking at Eurocamps on line they seem cheap and super greatest up for young children, extra safe outside space, pushchairs, all safety aspects covered inside chalets etc, but are they really as good as they sound? We are thinking one of the French ones but we would really appreciate some personal experiences if possible.

Thanks x

overthemill Thu 27-Feb-14 13:30:57

Eurocamp and their sister company key camps are wonderful. We have used them lots of times with our 3 from age 3 (youngest) up until even now when they are 14 18 and 21! They are great but only as good as the campsite they are using. The staff are good on the phone and I've asked them for advice on camps and drives before now. Also good are canvas (but more expensive) and there are French chains too. If you want mobile homes I would recommend carisma who use smaller sites.

I really recommend these holidays we have always had a great time and have made friends with people we met (to the point of going on holiday together, and meeting up between times!)

Go for it!

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