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Spanish language summer courses

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OhSoVintage Sun 02-Feb-14 10:52:20

Can anyone recommend a summer Spanish learning course either in this country or abroad?

Im looking at Caxton College at the moment but Im not sure if Im comfortable with the host family thing. I would rather a residential where she will stay with other children on the course.
If we can't find anything we may all go out there but that will mean she will have less time there, just a week because of the extra costs and Im unsure if thats enough time to learn

Just looking at all possibilities at the moment so would be grateful for any advise.

My daughter is 14

SoldeInvierno Sun 09-Feb-14 14:36:12

Have a look at Don Quijote Spanish courses. I had a look a few years ago for my DS and they were very flexible in terms of accommodation and reasonably priced.

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