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Jobs for 15 year old

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10152530 Wed 25-Dec-13 06:21:40

Hi there
Can anyone help with what jobs can my son who will turn 15 end of May take?
How many legal hours is he allowed to work a week?
Where can he get help on how to write a good CV?
Many thanks
Happy Holidays to everyone

mummy1973 Thu 26-Dec-13 21:13:06

Try here

JoyceDivision Thu 26-Dec-13 21:18:30

I worked on a market stall every wekend and whatever week days they needed me. I LOVED it, got used to handling cash, dealing face tpo face and helping people and totting up bills in my head, brilliant starter job. Lunch was always a jacket potato hunched behind a counter grin

I worked as a waitress in alocal pubfrom 15 onwards then worked behind the bar, it was my favourite job, utterley loved it, had a brilliant time and it openedmy eyes to what groups of blokes were like stood drinking moaning and planning their night out without the other halfthere. Only odd bit of naughty behaviour, but was a fab insightinto how blokes ploddedalongin their daily was such a good confidence building job too, would thoroughly recommend it grin

CarolineGB Wed 08-Jan-14 22:14:41

He can go to his local connexions / careers / young people's service (if they still exist in your area) for help in writing his CV, there should also be guidance availble in school. Check mummy 1973s link for the legalities

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