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surrey day camps- camp beaumount, supercamps, ACH etc

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Lizcat Sun 29-Jul-12 20:36:44

DD has just finished A passion for cooking week at supercamps, she loved it. I was so impressed they made from scratch pasta, pastry for chinese dumplings, chapatis and tortillas to name just a few. No teams no chanting only 10 of them in the group.

Den Tue 24-Jul-12 14:53:05

My two(age 11 and 9 now) have been going to Supercamps in Guildford for 5 years. They both enjoy them and seem to make a lot of new friends.
It is a real mixture of sports and craft activities. There is a fabulous swimming pool they can use. I have never heard either of mine moan about competitiveness. The great news for parents is that they open from 8am till 6pm which is great for working parents. There are no extra fees for staying the extra times which other camps do.
I don't work for them but couldn't do without them!

Igloo100 Mon 23-Jul-12 21:36:41

I am looking for reccomendations for summer holiday camps, I've just found out I have to work at the end of August now.

We have tried some before a few years ago, DD hated one as it was highly competitive. She is an introvert, she loves art, treasure hunts, swimming, non-team sports. The one she went to on day 1 they were assaigned to a team, she arrived to a hall of children sitting in groups, many already knowing each other, screeching their 'team chant' and very 'queen bee' type girls making up cheerleading dances with lad-ish boys kicking about balls and shouting. All week everything they did was for prizes or they were ranked. It was go go go and so pressured. Not saying any fault of the camp but just not for my DD who is far happier in a calmer environment where its about having fun and enjoying yourself rather than earning points. She attended an art and craft camp last year which she loved but its not running this year sadly.

I've looked at the three mentioned in the title. Adventure computer holidays is winning so far, but quite pricey. Friend has a child attending this week and said her first day today was wonderful, quite simple things like shelter building in the forest, go karts, art, archery, but catering for the loud and the quieter types.

Any opinions on the other two or more info on ACH?

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