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Summer day camps?

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Worldcupsports Mon 01-Jul-13 14:30:28

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avenueone Tue 12-Jun-12 14:44:44

He will prob be starving when he finishes - I always have a snack on hand and they need lots of drinks while they are there. Good luck with it all x

becstarsky Tue 12-Jun-12 14:21:07

That's good to hear avenueone! So far the 'Fit for Sport' one at my local sports centre is the front runner - it's a 'multi sports' one too, and he can do 9.30 to 4.30pm. I'll do a bit more research then book it. If he ends up loving it as much as yours I'll be a very happy mum indeed!

avenueone Tue 12-Jun-12 13:41:15

My son LOVES them (breaths sign of relief). He is the same age as yours and sport mad - he does `Multi Sports' which runs from 9am to 3.30pm at a local high school in thier big hall. They not only have fun playing the sport but it teaches him sportsmanship and it is helping with his inability to lose lol - I shouldn't laugh but he is the world's worst looser but the camp has really helped and I am sure will continue to do so. My Mum was going to take him out for a day this last half term - no way - he wanted to go the the sports camp. I am sure your DS will love it and a happy boy always means a happy Mum. x

becstarsky Tue 12-Jun-12 09:37:54

I was hoping to get the whole summer off work with DS but it looks like I'll need to work for at least a couple of weeks during the holiday...

So we're looking at summer 'camps' - the ones that do school hours from about 9 to about 4pm or possibly an extended day if it looks like the right one for him. He's sports mad (6yo) so 'Fit For Sport' looks good, and was also looking at Camp Beaumont in Mill Hill but was wondering if any mnetters have experience of these camps and any recommendations? We're in NW London but I gather a lot of these providers are UK-wide anyway, so glad to hear from anyone who has tried any of them. How early do I need to book? Will I have missed the boat for the good ones already?

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