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what we call the holidays, etc. these days

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Jules2 Thu 29-Mar-12 12:16:30

I live in North London and my daughter's school now calls the holidays by seasonal names - the Christmas holiday is now 'winter holiday', Easter is now 'spring holiday'. Summer remains 'summer holiday'. The Easter Bonnet parade this afternoon is called the 'spring parade'. I know this is a symptom of the UK's penchant (at least in some areas) for political correctness and maybe I'm being old fashioned but it seems a shame that we are being compelled to shun our traditions just in case somebody from a non-English background might be offended. It isn't a faith school and we are not followers of any faith but I wouldn't expect anyone in another country to change their traditional names and customs just to make me feel happier. And none of my Muslim, Hindu or Chinese friends give a toss at all about whether or not we maintain English traditions. I'm happy for my daughter to learn about other cultures and faiths in school and mark various festivals - but I think we should be allowed to embrace the fact we live in England, as should the people who've made a choice to come and live here.

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